Should I have my wedding on a holiday weekend?

Off the bat, it might sound like a great idea to have your wedding on a holiday weekend, but there are a lot of different things to consider before setting your date. Here’s everything you need to know about hosting a holiday wedding:

get married on a holiday weekend - Should I have my wedding on a holiday weekend?

The Pros

  1. Long Weekend

Not only is a long weekend amazing for you two because you have a little extra time to get everything together, it’s also nice for guests who are traveling and can’t take days off to get to where they need to be for your big day.

  1. Festive Feel

Maybe you’ve always dreamed about having a Christmas-themed wedding, complete with holly berries and glittering pine trees. Or maybe you love the thought of a sparkler exit from your 4th of July reception and riding off into the distance while fireworks grace the skies. There’s no doubt that hosting a holiday weekend wedding around your favorite holiday is sure to give everyone a little extra jolt of excitement.

  1. Anniversary Date

The wonderful thing about having your wedding on Thanksgiving weekend is that you will always be spending your anniversary on a day off from work and with family. What a great way to celebrate your marriage every year! Plus, you’ll never forget to get a gift for your love bug when the season rolls around.

 Christmas wedding videos - Should I have my wedding on a holiday weekend?

The Cons

  1. Vendor Availability

Holiday wedding dates can be tricky for finding available vendors. For the most part, it requires you to be proactive about booking your wedding vendors early. Because holiday weekends can be popular, your top vendors may not be available due to a hectic schedule or personal plans. Restaurants may be unwilling to take a private event if they usually receive a lot of business from being open on the holiday. Lock down your venue and vendors asap.

holiday wedding tips - Should I have my wedding on a holiday weekend?

  1. Conflicting Events

Many people have traditions for specific holiday weekends that they may choose not to skip for your big day, like an annual Labor Day family reunion. Valentine’s Day might sound like a romantic idea but guests who are not in relationships might feel uneasy and couples may want to celebrate the day intimately. Since holiday weekends can be popular for weddings, send out invitations as soon as you can to make sure guests get your invite before they RSVP “yes” to other weddings or events.

holiday weekend wedding planning tip 1 - Should I have my wedding on a holiday weekend?

  1. Higher Expenses for Guests

While you may be able to get a good deal on a vendor, the cost of travel for your guests might skyrocket depending on the weekend and your location. For instance, a beach wedding on Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day weekend could be pricy for flights and hotel rooms in a resort area. Attending a New York City wedding can be expensive as is, but move it to New Years Eve and the inflated costs could potentially cause guests to RSVP “no”.

4th of july wedding video - Should I have my wedding on a holiday weekend?

The Bottom Line

Having a holiday wedding might be great for you but inconvenient for your guests.

A good compromise could be choosing a less-popular holiday weekend, such as Columbus Day or President’s Day so you and your fiancé have the extra time off, but your guests won’t be charged extra for a hotel room.

When hosting a holiday wedding, know that as much as your guests love you and are thrilled for your upcoming nuptials, they may not be able to attend because the usual costs and scheduling conflicts may be greater than your average weekend. Be prepared to have a more intimate wedding and be appreciative that the guests that do attend are going the extra mile to be part of your amazing celebration.

Check out this glamorous New Year’s Eve wedding video to get inspiration for your holiday wedding!

If you’re planning a holiday weekend wedding, don’t wait to book your vendors! These dates book up quickly, so set up a consultation with us to check videography off your list!



Not a fan of holiday weekend weddings.

We accidentally picked a holiday weekend. Our date is on a Friday and since the holiday will be on a Tuesday, hopefully it won’t be too bad!

I’m sure it will turn out fine! There are a lot of benefits as mentioned in the post. 🙂

Vynessa Sementilli

My cousin got married on 4th of July. It really turned out great, and we had a great view of local fireworks to finish the night off. It was awesome!

If you are planning a small wedding with only your families and closest friends, then a holiday weekend wedding is a great idea! Getting everyone together to not only celebrate your wedding but also the holiday!

Not a fan of holiday weddings, we avoided every holiday (except earth day apparently)

I am having a wedding on a holiday weekend, whoever really wants to come will not mind. I havent got any complaints yet!

Awesome! There is definitely a plus side to a holiday wedding!

Its a good way to save money and take advantage of guests having off from work on a 3-day weekend!

These videos are incredible! Would love to have NST Pictures video my wedding!

I think holiday weekend weddings are fun! It makes the weekend even more festive and gives you a long weekend to celebrate your anniversary in years to come. I love these videos!

I think it really depends on how many guests you’re inviting and how far they have to travel. The extra costs involved might be a real hindrance for some guests and I’d hate to put my loved ones in an uncomfortable position because plane tickets costs twice as much.

Definitely a good thought, Barbara! If everyone lives within an hour radius, it probably wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Think about your guests. Will many have to give up one of their only days off to spend at your wedding? Or would they have spent that holiday with you anyway? Does having a 3-day weekend make it easier for guests to travel from afar or will it only increase costs? Although your wedding day is all about you, you want to make sure everyone in attendance is happy!

Great thoughts, Christie! We definitely agree!

I think these weddings have their ups and downs. The plus side could be more people have time off, but the downside would be more people might already have plans for that holiday weekend! But at the end of the day, it’s up tot you and your wedding.



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