Wedding Industry Secret: See How NST Pictures Works to Your Advantage

You’ve set your date (congratulations!), and now you’re going down your list checking off your wedding vendors. When it comes to wedding videographers, however, chances are that you’re faced with endless options. The easiest way to narrow down the contenders is to first determine what style you want your video to be, but then how do you decide between a big company versus a small one after that?

Not only is the NST Pictures team skilled in finding the unique, authentic moments and editing the special moments throughout your day into a timeless piece of moving art, but we’re also a larger videography company that has been around for some time with an established clientele list and a strong industry network. Fortunately for you, that’s not all! Read on to see why hiring a big company like NST Pictures would be beneficial for you, and see what other big company benefits NST Pictures has that sets us apart from other video vendors!

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We have deep roots.
We’ve been in business in the United States since 2012. We’ve got weddings ahead of us as well as behind us. We can’t and won’t just disappear on our clients.

We have serious experience.
Because we have a large team, we have been able to take on a larger number of weddings yet still devote our full attention and precision to each. From rustic chic settings to opulent ballroom festivities and even City Hall elopements, we’ve seen it all and filmed it all, whether it be intimate gatherings or large and lively celebrations (with an elephant too, no less!).

We’ve got a back-up plan.
We are large enough so in the rare event that something uncontrollable happens on the day of your wedding, like a car accident, to prevent your assigned cinematographer from showing up on time, we have back-up staff on call. We also are fully equipped with back-up camera equipment, so consider all bases covered!

We are specialized.
As a larger company, each skilled member of our team manages just one part of the client experience, which allows us to devote our full focus to our individual particular art. Then, coming together as a team, we are able to deliver personalized and thorough service to each unique client so that you can receive the highest quality service every step of the way.

With NST Pictures, you’ll step away with a beautiful artistic wedding film that contains the priceless wedding memories you can revisit again and again, wherever and whenever.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t prolong until after your wedding day to realize what a difference hiring a big, established company can make. If budget is what’s still holding you back, check out this article about wedding budget tips or this article about wedding cinematography payment plans, and then click here to get started!




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