3 Easy Ways to Save for Your Wedding

Budgeting for a wedding can be hard. What’s even harder? Saving up for the budget! That’s why we’ve put together a few ways to save for your wedding.

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This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and you don’t need to take on another job. Every day, you have the ability to make some small changes to your daily routine to save up for something big! Not only can this be applied to your wedding, but you can use this action plan to save up for a computer, car or even home. Let’s start with an easy one.

1. Swap the Morning Buzz


make coffee at home to save for your wedding - 3 Easy Ways to Save for Your Wedding

The Truth: A pumpkin spice latte from your favorite coffee company can run you about $5. Before you know it, you’re spending $100 a month for coffee = $1200 for the year.

Just think of how you could put that money toward something amazing at your wedding–something long-lasting that is much less trivial than a cup of coffee.

Solution: Treat yourself to a cute bride mug and make coffee at home or at the office. Invest in a flavored syrup, like this delicious combo pack, and use it to make fancy coffee all month long. Save the mocha-chocha latte for celebrating the success of your big presentation. Maybe your boss will even treat you!

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2. Control the Lunch Munch


bring your lunch to save for your wedding - 3 Easy Ways to Save for Your Wedding

The Truth: A salad or deli sandwich in a metro area costs around 10 bucks. $10 x 5 days a week = $50. Doesn’t seem like that much but you will be surprised when you see how much it adds up.

Solution: Make two lunches per week during your year of wedding planning and save yourself $1,040.

Who wouldn’t want to pocket that cash!? Peanut butter and jelly to the rescue! We’re not kidding–you can make a killer PB&J with this drool-worthy white chocolate peanut butter and some artisan jamOr if you insist being healthy because you’re #sweatingforthewedding, try out an exotic salad dressing, like this delicious champaign caper vinaigrette or this lively lemon tarragon dressing.

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3. Put Away the Plastic


tips to save for your wedding budget - 3 Easy Ways to Save for Your Wedding

The Truth: It’s so easy to go nuts in your favorite store. You go in for one item, practically blackout and the next thing you know, you’re swiping $150 on the credit card. We’re looking at you, Target.

The same goes for online shopping. Anyone who has ever been prowling Amazon after one too many glasses of wine knows the struggle and sadness that can bring to your wallet.

Solution: Think about the long term while you walk the store. How long will you keep that floral maxi dress and how many times will you wear it? How many times will you and your family watch your wedding film over the next 50 years? 

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Ask your married friends who got a wedding video. They’ll tell you it’s worth the small steps to make sure you can afford a film that will pay for itself in family memories.


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These are some great, easy tips to help with wedding budgeting!

These are some awesome tips that I will definitely be implementing for my wedding!

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