A Wedding Videographer Mistake That Could Get You Sued

WeddingVideographerMistake - A Wedding Videographer Mistake That Could Get You Sued

After the wedding ends, the anticipation to see the photos and video begins. It’s easy to decide that your favorite popular song would be perfect for your video. If your wedding videographer uses an unlicensed song, your film could cause major problems down the road.

If your wedding video uses an unlicensed song, copyright law could catch up with you in the long run.  This Dare Dreamer Mag article tells the story of Joe Simon, a wedding videographer that was sued by a major record label for his illegal use of a song in one of his videos.  Videographers are at a high risk for problems to arise, because videos are so easily shared through YouTube and social media platforms. Because we use legal music in our films, couples like Kaitlin and Bryan are free to share their film with whomever they want.

We only use music that we can license for your protection. We want you to be able to share your wedding film with friends and family online, so that loved ones near and far can feel the magic of your big day. Check out this PhillyMag article to see how illegal music can affect both you and your videographer.

Just because it’s not the most popular song doesn’t mean that it’s not the perfect song for your film.

When you’re watching your wedding film, you’ll be looking at details of your day, reliving your ceremony, and remembering just how wonderful it was to marry the love of your life.  Popular tunes can distract from the purpose of your film: your unique love story.  The best music to help you showcase your big day is a song that enhances the story, without overshadowing it.

Check out Lindsay and Cameron’s film to see how well a licensed song can fit the theme of your wedding.

When NST Pictures films your wedding, we take the time to find out the style of music that you prefer, so that we can make sure your film is true to the style of your wedding and your personality as a couple. We find matching music that is legal to license for your film. Check out Raya and Mike’s film for another example of licensed music that goes along with the style of the wedding.

Imagine your wedding film with music that makes reliving your memories just as magical as the day it all happened. A film like that showcases the entire point of your big day: celebrating your love for each other and happiness as a couple.


Interesting post and good research!

I love all of these videos and images, amazing ideas for my wedding!!!

That is really interesting and gives you something to consider to help me plan for my bid day !! Thank you for the insight

I never considered the fact that copyright laws would apply to music on a wedding video. I am glad that my fiancé and I were considering using songs with deeper meanings as opposed to what’s “hot” now. This post is great and the type of advice a videographer should share with clients up front. Thank you so much for sharing!

Very interesting! I never thought about music licensing and wedding videos like that. Thanks for the info!

Hmm interesting read!

A lot of good information I was not aware of. Thanks for the read.

I am just in awe of all of these videos! So beautiful and each are so different– NST has such a gift for letting each couples’ unique vibe shine through.

As an event designer/planner AND bride-to-be, I’m very aware of legal issues like this that have come up. Always good to know what red flags to look out for so your BEST DAY EVER isn’t rained on by legal issues!

I never thought about that. I’m glad to know that you guys take the time to find out what our music style is so that you can choose music that is the best match for us as a couple.

Interesting post and good research

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