[…] Well, now they’re embracing “engagement season” and have a wonderful offer for brides-to-be in the New York and LA areas. You can enter to win an all-inclusive Photo & Video Wedding Collection, valued at over $5,000! To enter click here: […]

I would like to win this package because I’ve never had a wedding only married through the courts and finally am able to have one this year 6-21-14 after 10 years of waiting. It has been difficult before because my husband is in the military and time was always a factor. I want to make my wedding as memorable as possible and show our kids a union between their parents.
Thank you,
Dina and Joey

Thanks for sharing Dina and good luck!

That is the same date that I am getting married!

I love these pictures!

My fiance Karl and I would really love to have NST Pictures capture our special day and hope we win the contest!

Christina Capobianco

My fiance name is karl with a k as well there aren’t many. Congrats

2013 was a hard year for my fiancé and I. I got in a major boat accident and his brother passed away. We couldn’t be more excited to become a family this May. This photography package would be an amazing addition to our wedding in May.

That is a very tough year. Fortunately, you’ve found support in each other. Congratulations and good luck with the contest!

Bethzaida Villafane

I have known my fiancé all my life. We meet while attending elementary school
( first grade) and have been best of friends ever since. As teenagers we were very good friends, I often helped him with his girlfriend problems. As the years passed on we parted ways living our own lives. Then after 6 years of losing contact, I ran into a mutual friend of ours who was able to get me back in contact with him. He relocated back to Brooklyn and we’ve been together ever since, that was 11 years ago. God has brought my friend back and we are to never part again.

Great story! Thanks for sharing, Bethzaida.

Love your work hope we win

amazing pictures and visuals!!

My mother passed away a few years ago and before she passed she bought me a wedding dress when I wasn’t even in a relationship. I decided since she saw me in the dress that this would be my wedding dress for my special day. I met my fiance Nathan Thorpe a month before she passed my mother Brenda was never able to meet Nathan but I know without a doubt that he was sent to me by my mother as my angel. He is my best friend and soulmate and it would mean so much to us to win this gift because we live in California and both of our families live 3 thousand miles away from us. We are planning our wedding on our own and paying for everything ourselves. My mother and father seperated when I was 2 so my godmother and godfather will be walking me down the aisle and it would mean so much to us to be able to capture our special day with this amazing pacakge you are offering. We would never be able to afford this and I know that being able to capture the essence of my dress and capture an organic moment in honor of my mother would mean the world to us. Please pick us our wedding is 6/20/15 in Burbank Ca !!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful story, Alisa. Thank you so much for sharing. The winner will be chosen at random but we’re crossing our fingers for you. Best of luck and congratulations on finding your special someone!


The videos are beautiful, they made me cry. Looking forward to working with NST.

This is amazing

I would be very excited to win so I can capture the wedding day with my sweetheart fiance whom i’ve been going out with since my freshman year in college. We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary since our first date and are very excited to begin the next chapter of our lives. The moment our families have been waiting for as well 🙂

Wow! Freshman year! When you know, you know–it doesn’t matter what age you are. Thanks for sharing, Anastasia, and good luck!

Very excited to marry my fiance and capture beginning of our family from day 1.

What a sweet way to think of wedding cinematography, Steve. Good luck!


I would like to win this package so that I could have pictage of me and my hubby-to- be’s wedding experience that will live on forever. We’ve been trying to save and pay for everything involving the wedding because we dont have the financial support from our families. This would be a dream come true.

I’ve already won the lottery of life when I found Rick Pike. I didn’t know how amazing true love can be until I met him. Now, when I look in his eyes, all I see is a future of smiles, love, and support. Thank you for this blog and the chance at winning the opportunity to capture our life long love adventure on film.

Aww–congrats on winning the lottery of life! Thanks for sharing and good luck!

Winning this giveaway would mean so much to my fiancé and I and take a lot of stress away from the budget along with the wedding planning. We are trying to be responsible with the our budget, but somehow it seems we need something else to buy. But more than anything I want to win this prize to save these memories to look back with my fiancée and say “and we thought we were in love then”. My fiancé was in the Marine corps for five years but was shot in the chest and was honorably discharged in 2009. (He is okay now, took some shrapnel but is A okay) We started dating in 2010 and it was a whirlwind!! But I never was able to see my honey in his sexy dress blues. Once he proposed I knew it was my chance to see my hero in the classic attire on our wedding day! Winning this prize would help capture our day and our love for our family, friends, and each other.

Sounds like you have already been taking the “in sickness and health” vow pretty seriously! Glad your fiance is healthy. If you’re interested in packages, we do offer a military discount with a military ID. Fill out our price and availability form for more information here:

Would love for you to be there on my wedding day, November 29th, 2014 in Santa Barbara, CA 🙂

My fiance and I would greatly appreciate this gift. I want a fairy tale wedding and having perfect pictures would make this wedding day complete!

I would love to win this package – my fiance and I just bought an apartment in Brooklyn. We were planning on purchasing well before he proposed, but he wanted to make an honest woman out of me! In the past 6 months since he’s proposed, we put all of our creativity and money into renovating our apartment, and now we are finally starting to focus on our wedding. Being young homeowners truly is the best, but it takes a lot out of our finances. We are trying to DIY most of our wedding, but we really think the memories are best preserved by professionals, for us and our family. Any help we can get would be incredibly appreciated!!! Thanks for the chance!

Congrats on the new home! It’s so wonderful that you two can start making your memories now and have a place to store all of the craftiness that comes with DIYing your wedding. Good luck with the contest!

This would mean the world to my fiance and I!

I am a girl from the Bronx who is a graduate student me teacher just trying to make it in NYC. I don’t have much money but I have lots of love in my life. It would be incredible to have a photographer and videographer at my wedding!!!

I just want to say that I really enjoy your work and I would love to have NST provide their services at my wedding. Very impressive. I would like to offer a suggestion, in your dropdown box you should have an option for “Groom”. Not every groom just sits on the sidelines! 🙂 Hope we win!!

Fenton & Amethia

Thanks for the suggestion, Fenton! We’ll work that out with our web developer. I’m sure your fiance loves the planning help. Good luck with the contest!

Well I believe that my fiancé and I are so HOT, that photographing our wedding will be a great business move for NST Pictures. Our style combined with your talent will drive your sales through the roof! Trust me! It will be better than a celebrity endorsement! LOL (Joking!)

Honestly speaking, we would be honored and overjoyed if NST would help us capture memories that will last for a lifetime. The cost of a great photographer is very steep and it would be such a blessing if we did not have to sacrifice something so vital, simply because we could not afford more. Please help us savor this momentous occasion….pretty please?

Haha! Great post. Best of luck with your planning and the contest!

I would love to win this contest. My fiancé and I would love to have pictures that will capture every perfect moment, so we can one day share with our children one of the happiest days of our lives ( beside their birth).

I’d love to have you photograph our wedding, we are paying for a majority of the wedding our selves and would love to be able to win this amazing contest.

I’d Love to win this contest!

This is such a generous give-a-away! Your work is very genuine and beautiful, and we would be honored to have you document our special day! While I hope we are the lucky winners, congrats to everyone else engaged and good luck w/ all the wedding planning! Best, Krissy & John

Thank you, Krissy! What a lovely post! Best of luck with your planning and the contest.

The Pictures are Beautiful! I would love to win this competition!

You guys are awesome!!

Entering , because me and my fiancé are younger and I don’t want to miss a single second of this matrimony. It would be great to have this !!

I believe I am the best candidate for winning this! I am in LOVE with taking photos! Wherever I go, a picture is required. Photography important to me because losing my mom at the age of 13, all I have physically left is pictures of us together. They are so special to me and it’s a way to capture the moment and cherish it forever. My fiancé, before he met me had about 100 photos, now 900+ photos! He has learned the ins and outs about photography. We got engaged august 30th, 2013 the day we closed on our house and our wedding is planned for September 19th, 2015. Can’t be more excited! It would be an absolute honor to win this.

Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your new home together! We find that video is an even better memory keeper because of the sound and movement–it really brings things back to life. Good luck with the content and your journey together!

This is such a great opportunity for people like me who don’t really have much! It would be so great to win a package like this. Fingers crossed 🙂 Photos look great!

I would be so grateful for this amazing package ! My fiance and I are on quite the tight budget since we have to pay for the wedding ourselves, and having amazing pictures to relive our special day til death do us part would be so awesome !

My fiance and I have been through thick and thin. We met during sophomore year in High School and were instantly the best of friends. He was so easy to talk to, such a selfless and respectful young man, then and now. I was patient, a bit reluctant one might say to go out with him because I feared of losing such great friend. But as the years passed I realize there was no one I would rather be with, That feeling as a senior in High School hasn’t changed and has only gotten younger and it’s now been 7 years. I’m so incredibly proud and happy to be marrying my High School sweetheart, my confident and my best friend.
Unfortunately, we are covering the cost of our wedding ourselves. Our families support us but can’t help us financially like we would hope. We are very grateful for our love and wish the memories of our special day can be captured by you so we can one day reminisce and share our photos and video with our future kids and hopefully future grandkids as well. Thank you for this opportunity.

Thanks for sharing, Lexie. Good luck with planning and the contest and congrats on finding the one!

This is an amazing giveaway! We have already decided that we don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount on our wedding but the one area we refuse to cut corners and compromise on is the videography and photography. Aside from marrying each other and being surrounded by friends and family, the photography is the most important part of the day. It’s how we will re-live that day and share it with our future generations. When I got the email about this giveaway and saw the NST portfolio, I was excited. Your work is truly breathtaking, candid, and really seems to capture the essence of the couples and their special day – it is everything we are looking for in a photographer! Thank you for this opportunity!

Smart move, Amanda! Once the day is over, photos and video are all you have left to remember everything. Don’t chance this on a contest! Fill out this form ( to start talking to us about your big day and then if you happen to win the contest, we’ll refund your payment.

I would love to win …. I am the only daughter and granddaughter and I am getting married and o want to have the weeding of my dreams and my family dreams. and to be able to have it all caught on video and to have those memories for ever

I would love to win this amazing giveaway so that we could look back for all the years to come and have amazing pictures! I have been hoping to be lucky enough to have a videographer but we couldn’t fit it into our budget. fingers crossed!!!!

My fiance and I met online in 2012. Although we are from different generations, the chemistry between us could not be denied. Now, two years later, we will be getting married. Neither of us have ever been married before and would like our day to be special. We decided that we would have a small intimate wedding just for immediate family but still videography and photography are too expensive to fit into our budget (especially in New York). This is why this would be so much to us. It would mean that we would be able to capture the most special day of our lives together

Thanks for sharing, PWeller! We’re happy to hear that you both found the one. He/she is worth holding out for!

When I first met my fiance, we were (and still are) complete opposites. We met in college freshmen year in the honor program, and weren’t the greatest of friends at first. Now he’s my best friend, and I feel in my heart he is my soul mate. I’ve never had a big family that I was close to or that supported me, and he has given me so much more than love since we’ve been dating. Now, we’re both in graduate school 3000 miles away from each other, figuring out how to plan a simple wedding on a small budget within our means over video chats and phone calls. Winning this giveaway would help alleviate some of the costs towards our wedding; even though we will have a lifetime to make memories, our wedding is one milestone I don’t want to skimp on.

Well said, Suzanne! It’s important not to skimp on video because it’s one of the only things you’ll have after the big day is over and done. You’ll be relieved that you have a motion picture to listen to the vows, laugh at the speeches and watch your first dance in action. Good luck with the wedding planning!

Elizabeth Rodriguez

So exciting to enter contest b/c we can find beautiful new photographers too! I really can’t wait to get married and take fabulous photos!!



We would love to win this contest! Our wedding is definitely on a tight budget because we are both young actors just starting out in our careers as artists. We could never afford a package like this normally. It would certainly be a Cinderella dream come true to have all of our special moments from the big day captured in such a gorgeous professional way that we can keep forever and show our future children.

You’d be surprised at how affordable our packages really are. If you keep in mind that you will keep and watch your wedding film for the rest of your life and even your children’s lives, $1580 is a reasonable long-term investment. Good luck with the contest and feel free to reach out to us about how we can help you here:

My fiance and I both come from very large families and all I ever wanted was to have everyone there as we celebrate the love we have for each other. Unfortunately, this also means that if we want everyone there it will cost us a pretty penny. I’ve taken on extra shifts at work and he has been working to earn extra money just so we can be able to afford to have everyone there. Winning this would mean so much since documenting these memories are just as important. Thank you so much for being generous enough to offer this contest. My fiance and I are keeping our fingers crossed.

Weddings can be expensive when you have a lot of friends! Since it’s not very often that everyone is in one place all together, it’s super important to have video to be able to go back and see and hear everyone chatting again. That way, you can be with all of your friends and family anytime you pop in your wedding video. Good luck with your planning and the contest!

Amazing work!!

My fiance Andrew and I are in love with your pictures almost as much as we are in love with each other :)! I cannot wait to marry him next Spring at the most perfect location on the beach. The only thing missing at this point is someone to capture every moment so that we don’t miss a thing!

Don’t forget to fill out this form to secure us for your date! If you win the contest after you’ve booked, you’ll receive a full refund and we’ll capture your wedding for free!

Tho I’m not a bride my fiancé and I will love to win this package. I’m planing our wedding we see how expensive capturing our special day is but we are trying our best to have the memories of our captured so we can share with our kids when we start our family.

Thanks for sharing, Keston! Good luck with planning!

2012-2013 was an extremely hard years for my family. 2012 my family lost our home due to Hurricane Sandy. My mother got extremely sick and passes away the week before Christmas 2013. She had only left enough in her will to cover funeral expenses. I had gotten laid off of work this passed fall and now our budget is even tighter than it was before. Winning this package would be an amazing and would mean the world to my family.

We couldn’t be more excited to become a family this May. This photography package would be an amazing addition to our wedding in May.

We are so sorry to hear that, Jessica. Good luck with your contest and enjoy this chance for a new beginning. Best wishes!

Love the pictures. Would love to use them for our Bk wedding!

A beautiful way to capture your special day! So much better than your typical videography! Pictures and video are such a huge part of the day – they are one of the only things that you will have forever. Also, a great way to share your day with those who were unable to attend.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

My fiance and I met on 3 years ago. Our first date was a game at Yankees Stadium and have been together since. I’ve planned weddings for many years for others now this time, I am planning it myself and not easy it’s just paying for it. Winning this will help a lot, plus capture our special moment as we both found true love….I especially since I was a single mom. My son loves him!!! I am having my son walk me down the aisle….he is only 8 years old!!! We haven’t been able to let know they have another successful couple….but why not you guys capture it instead?? 🙂

Hi Jessenia! That is going to be such a great moment when your son walks you down the aisle! We’re sure that you’ll want to watch it over and over again in motion so be sure to contact us about videography services in case you don’t win. Good luck with the contest and we look forward to speaking with you!

Awww…thank you!! Oh I will definitely watch it over and over and show him when he gets engage and to his fiancee. I never had a father figure and since it was me and my son for many years alone, I feel he should be the little man to walk me down the aisle. He is everything to me…and its a special moment.

Your work looks amazing and is just the kind of style that my fiance Keith and I are looking for. We’re getting married in 2015 and would love to have NST capture our wedding day!

I’m the Groom and there wasn’t an option to chose Groom, only Bride, so I guess I’ll be part of the Other Wedding Industry. LOL.
Wining this contest would mean a lot to me and my fiance as we are on a tight budget and cannot afford to invite all of our friends and family. Being able to cut the costs of a photographer/videographer would give us the ability to invite more family and friends to celebrate with us.

Sorry about that, Charles! We’re working on the groom option for ya. Good luck with your planning!!

This would mean the world to me!

Cinematography captures a story that you can re-live for years to come. And having the right video production makes all the difference in how your story is depicted, I would love to have the opportunity to win this package and work with skilled videographers knowing that my memories will be in great hands,

Don’t leave it up to chance, Ileana! Contact us to see how we can capture all of the beautiful moments of your once-in-a-lifetime day!

Can you say dream come true ? Totally awesome ((crosses fingers))

Hello! This package sounds wonderful. My fiance and I would be honored to be a part of such beautiful work!

I was just recently engaged!
I am excited to start planning.
This is a really nice opportunity.
I hope I win. 🙂

My husband and I have actually been legally married for a year now. Due to financial situations and his service in the military, a formal wedding reception was not an option for us at the time of our marriage. One year strong, we are now able to plan a formal reception to include our LARGE family and loved ones. We are super excited and can’t wait for the day to finally come. Winning this would relieve us of the expense of one of the main components of a wedding reception. Once the day has come and gone, its awesome to be able to go back and relive it through photos and videos. Thank you for sharing !!

-Danita & Brian

It will be so exciting to have everyone all together in a large place! Good thing you will have photos and video to look back on any time you want. Don’t forget to secure two of the most important vendors for your big day. Good luck with the contest!

My fiance and I have been dating 6 years and now weve finally decided to tie the knot =). Winning this contest would be a great way to say we were meant to be and how lucky we are!

Congrats and thanks for sharing, Diane!

I luv this its just amazing…..

I love the work that you do. The ability to accuratly and unabtrusively capture the special moments of a wedding is very difficult. I admire the photos I have seen on Pintrest.

Hi Dawn–Being unobtrusive is definitely something we specialize in. After all, it’s your big day to be in the spotlight–not ours! Thanks for the compliments and good luck with the contest!

After 10 long years of dating my fiancé and finally got engaged, despite some road blocks we faced with long distance and other family issues. This package would help us greatly in making our dream wedding come true!

Congrats on taking the next step, Lauren! Good luck with your wedding planning.

These photographs are so beautiful and capture so much!

I truly believe that NST would capture our wedding beautifully! Their photography and videography would allow my fiance and I to relive our special day long after it is over.

Amazing pictures!

My fiancé and I are getting married in June. We can’t afford to have a photographer so it would be wonderful to win this package so we can have nice pictures of our wedding!

What a great contest! We all stress and try so hard to make this special day the greatest day of our lives. This would be one more way of helping that stress go away just a little bit as the bride would know how fantastic she would look.

You won’t be so stressed when the day is finally here, Nick! Trust us, it’s the best day of your life!! Good luck with the contest and we hope the planning goes smoothly.

My fiancé and I have 4 children. We wake up everyday and we give all we have to them. We are not rich people; we do not always get the nicest of things. We both really want a wedding video to look back on and really capture that day, also to have something to show to our kids when they grow up. However, at this point we can not afford one. Don’t get me wrong our day May 24th 2014 is still going to be very special and lovely but it would mean the world to us to be able to capture all of these moments on video. Not too mention NST does fantastic work. We would forever grateful for the opportunity to win this contest. Thank you for the consideration.

Hi Jessica, Unfortunately, the contest doesn’t end until June 30th so you will not have a chance to win. We do have some very affordable packages that can help you secure your memories in a timeless film. Good luck with your planning and we look forward to hearing from you!

What an exciting opportunity to get such fabulous photos!!

My fiance and I would love to win this giveaway! I’m originally from Michigan and moved across the country to California about 4 years for work. Not knowing a single person, it was definitely a scary decision. After having a tough first year here, I was fortunate enough to meet the man of my dreams at a little bar in Laguna Beach. It was absolutely love at first sight, and we’ve been best friends ever since. We can’t wait to get married this coming September surrounded by our family and friends from all over the country – and would be so honored to have NST Pictures capture our big day!

I absolutely LOVE your work!!!! Please choose us!!!!!!!

Fingers crossed..:)

Great portfolio, I would love to win a package! Best of luck to us all, and congratulations on getting marred everyone!

I really hope we win this!! my fiance and I don’t have much money our wedding and this would make Our day amazing!!! Thank you 🙂

I would like to win this package because my parents are insisting on paying for most of the wedding which is difficult for them. My mother has always loved pictures, we have books and books of photos from our childhood and she enjoys to look back at those. I know that these photos will be some of the most cherished because they are such a changing point in my life and theirs. On the flip side my soon to be husband does not like to take photographs of us often and I would to document this day in the most professional and interesting way possible since this may be the only time we ever have professional photographs done.

With the passing of marriage equality in CA, my fiancé and I are so incredibly priveleged to get married 10/25/14! Against so many odds we’ve come up against in the two years we’ve been together, we’re so incredibly excited for our big day and to have NST’s work would be a dream come true. Jess is a transgender man and I bring an amazing 8 year old daughter, Karma, to the table with me and both of us are LGBT advocates. We run a small ministry for transgender individuals and allies within our church, Open Door Ministries. I’m an armature photographer and have had the pleasure of helping with a few weddings myself and love love love the work you all do! We’ll be getting married at the beautiful Oak Canyon Nature Center in Anaheim and our reception is at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. It’s sure to be a night to remember 🙂 *crossing my fingers*

Thank you for sharing your story, Kyla! We’re so excited that you two have found each other and are making a difference one day at a time. We would love to be a part of your big day! Good luck with the contest and we hope all of your planning goes smoothly!

My fiancé and I are getting married in 2015, and are having a small backyard wedding. We have a very small budget and cannot afford a photographer. We were planning on just having friends upload pics to Instagram. You are certainly very talented! We would greatly benefit from this package!

As my fiance and I venture into the exciting world of wedding planning, we are confronted with having the wedding of our dreams OR a starting a life with no debt. This poses as a sad reality, given our nuptials are the last for both of our families. The pictures will be one of the most important aspects of the weddings, since these are eternal. I foresee our future generations looking at our photos and videos as the foundation of their lineage. As an adoptee with no knowledge of my past, I feel this is of the utmost importance to provide my children, children’s children, and so on.

My hopes are to win the contest so the foundation of our future generations can be documented for the enjoyment of all our families.

Our wedding is 6 months away and we don’t have much booked due to finances. It would be a TREMENDOUS help to have you guys there. We would be honored to have NST photograph our wedding. =)

What a fantastic opportunity! Thanks and good luck to everyone!!

Dear NST Pictures,
I know I have a long shot of winning but I would like to tell you about my fiance and I. My fiance is in the Air Force and stationed in a different state from which I’m living in. I am proud of my fiance for finding something he loves doing, and I wish I could be there with him. But he wants me to finish school before we get married and before I move with him. I am a full time college student and we barely get to see each and having you guys take pictures and video of my fiance and I becoming one, and our families coming together to celebrate a very special day would mean a lot.
Thank you

Thanks for sharing your story, Brittany! Good luck with wedding planning and the contest! Hope your semester is going well.

I would love to win this package because photos are like memories frozen in time, a wedding is only one day, but photos last forever. With this package we would be able savor the memories of our wedding for a lifetime. Our future children would be able to see the foundation that started this family.


I am originally from NY and getting married there in 2015! I am a legal resident of California though, can my mother enter this contest on my behalf since she is a NY resident?

Thank you for your consideration!

Hi Jessica–good question! Your mother cannot enter the contest but your fiance can! Good luck!

I told our story on your facebook page, and this is such an exciting contest! Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime NST! We are most likely cutting videography as it is just not in our budget. I have been so disappointed about it! I can’t wait to see who wins, as this is just amazing! I actually woke up to the email notification from The Knot about this contest, so I took it as a sign to definitely enter!

Thank you, again!

Hi Kendra–thanks for sharing! You might want to check this out if you’re thinking about cutting videography due to you budget: Good luck with planning!

My finance and I would love to have amazing pictures to capture our special day!

Amazing images! Really hope I could win one of these things for once!

Love your photos & videos… would love to win the contest!

Im not sure if were supposed to comment our life story or just whatever but I know I cant compare to some of the women above (hubby being shot or being incredibly hot and so on). I can only hope we are chosen so our beginning is saved for a lifetime.

I would absolutely love to win this package for our wedding! It would alleviate some of the financial stress (for anyone) of planning our wedding. I know we weren’t planning on having video since we can’t afford it and even getting finding a photographer within our budget seems impossible. We may have to up our budget, or cut the guest list, which is particularly difficult since my fiancé has a large family and I have a large family as well, and we also want to be able to include some of our close friends in our celebration! But we will see what happens! We don’t have much time, but I know it will work out, whether we win this AMAZING package, or if we up our budget or get help from a family member. Good luck to everyone entered! I’m getting married June 21st, on my daddy’s birthday, for multiple reasons, but my dad is honored to walk me down the isle that day. He said that’s the greatest birthday present he could ever ask for!

Hi Jacinta–Unfortunately, the contest doesn’t end until June 30th so you won’t be eligible to win. Please contact us about our rates as they start at $980 for a half day package:

I am excited about this raffle!

please please please please…

I would love to win this!

I would like to win this package as my husband and I were no tablet to have a big wedding due to personal circumstances. We have church and reception reserved for 12/13/14 and this would be ideal for us as it is something important and meaningful for us to have.

It would be amazing to win this & document our wedding perfectly!

I would love to win because my fiance and I have been through a lot these past few years. With Faith and Love we came back to each other because our love for one another never left and only grew stronger. This would be a dream come true in helping us to capture our special day and our fairy tale love story!

Wow beautiful pictures 🙂

Hello, I found this sweepstakes and thought it would be fun to enter. I’ve never won anything before and this could really helpful to our wedding planning. My fiance and I are planning and paying for the wedding of my dreams and you’re photographs and videos look absolutely beautiful. We’re working with really creative people to capture our special day and your video would be a great collaboration! Hope I win 🙂

Thanks for sharing, Nina! Good luck!

I love the work you guys do! It would be a great help to my fiancé and I to win this package.

Is it September yet?!?! I can’t wait for our wedding to be here and see all my pinned ideas come to life. =)

Aww! We’re so excited for you Adriana! Please come chat with us about covering your day so you’re sure you have it documented when it comes to fruition! If you win, we’ll refund your deposit and you’ll have an amazing film either way!

Crossing our fingers :]

I would like to win because this is the only wedding I plan to have. I found my one and only and I want to do it big. Even tho my fiancé has been married before, his wedding was nothing like we are planning now. This is first for both of us when looking at the planning and I want this to be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

me and my fiance would be so thankful if you chose us. we set our wedding date one day before our 10 year anniversary. we both unfortunitly will be paying for everything out of pockets and we are way over our head. i have see your photos and videos and they are amazing. i know that the photos and videos are the most important attribute to the big day since those are the moments captured and will last for decades to come. please please choose us we sooooo soooooo happy to have this once an a lifetime opportunity!

Congratulations to the two that found their one!
I like to think that my fiance and I live pretty normal(but busy) lives. He is a youth minister and I am a high school music director. We met our last year in high school, had one class together and moved on with our lives. I came across his profile on myspace (facebook was not popular then) years later and recognized his charming good looks. After chatting online for a bit, I got up the nerve to call him. We were living 6 hours away from one another so the first few months was strictly an over the phone relationship. During my spring break from college I drove up north to see him, and 5 years later, we could not be more in love.
Since we are paying for the wedding ourselves, we are on a budget. The music and photography/videography are the most important aspects of our special day and a memorable way to capture the love and adventures that day will bring. Videography allows each memory and photo to be brought back to life. This would mean the world to us (and our budget) to be awarded this generous blessing.

Thank You!!!

Hi Taylor–thanks for sharing your story! We love it when our brides know how important it is to immortalize their wedding days in film! We recently restructured our pricing and we now have half-day coverage starting at $980. Get more info by filling out this form:

My Fiance Alan and I are just finishing up graduate school and have waited 7 years for this day to come!!NST pictures would be able to capture the most important time in our lives sharing it with the most important people in our lives! Even if were not chooses its so wonderful that NST is blessing some amazing couple out there with this tremendous gift!!

I love the videos here. They capture all the love with not just the bride and groom, but families and friends, too. That is so important, a lot of videographers leave out the people who made the couple who they are.

The photos are absolutely stunning! Thank you for the opportunity to win a photo/video package – plus this helps with our planning. Thank you!!!

My fiance and I are very much looking forward to our wedding. We are looking forward to documenting our special occasion, and sharing those memories for a lifetime.

Would be fantastic getting our photos and video done by your company. I’m marrying my best friend, the most honest, selfless, loyal, loving, and patient person I know, and the love of my life and this would capture our eternal journey together, with style.

Pictures capture moments that can be easily forgotten on a big day like our wedding so definitely looking forward to see if we can win this package with NST!

Video can capture it even better, Andrew, because it includes motion and sound! Check out our films to see what we mean!

I am beyond excited to be planning our wedding! I am all over different websites getting ideas and Pinterest has taken over my life. I didn’t take long to realize planning a wedding can be EXPENSIVE! Reality Check. Which is okay because as long as I am with the person I love at the end of the day, it means everything went perfectly! The one thing that is the most important to me is capturing every moment of it! These are moments we can not create again and having these memories of our beautiful day together is so important to us. Make our dreams come true!

Good luck with the contest, Danielle and be sure to ask us about our new packages that start at $980 for half-day wedding coverage: Best wishes!

I love my fiancee more than anything in the world and I want to make sure that every moment is captured with perfection! After reviewing NST pictures, it definitely exceeds what I was looking for. Hopefully wish everyone goodluck in their findings!

this is an awesome giveaway! ever since i watched my friend’s wedding video, i’ve been in love with having a videographer, but can’t afford both a photographer and videographer!

I recently got engaged at my 30th birthday. I would love to win this more than anything! We already have 3 beautiful kids and would love to have help with the finances for our beautiful wedding next year. Thanks so much!!!


We hope that we can win this contest. It would definitely help our finances. My fiancé and I live in two different states [NY and GA]. So we have a lot of financial strains on us right now. We have to pay for my moving cost and a wedding. He’s trying to get back on his feet. He broke his leg almost two years ago. So its been a little rough. But we know it will be well worth it in the end. We’ve been trying to get married for the last 4 years. It seems as if things are falling into place now. And we pray and hope that we will be able to accomplish this next step in our lives. We keep pushing forward no matter how many times we get knocked down. He just started working in the last few months. So this definitely would be a blessing to us. Thank you for your time.

Hi Myishia. Thanks for sharing your story! Best wishes go out to you while your fiance recovers. It seems like there is never the perfect time to get married but at least you know you have someone to walk through life’s adventures with. Best of luck with your planning!

Alan and I would love to have NST capture our special day!

When you are paying for the entire wedding yourselves, this could be a LIFE SAVER!!! What an amazing opportunity for me and my fiance. This would definitely lighten the financial load!! As of right now we are planning on relying on our friends to take candid shots. Professional photography just is not in our itty bitty budget.

The photographer loks amazing

I didn’t really think video was major important at weddings but after watching a few of the videos on your site I can see how much of an important factor it would be on the big day. It would be great to look back on it years later and see the emotion and guests. Definitely something i’ll look into even if I don’t win a contest.

I would love to win the package! As a soon to be military wife, my fiancee and I both have limited incomes. Our families have taken hits from the economy over the years, and with frequent relocation due to the military it can be difficult to save money for the wedding, although we are managing, we have to make certain sacrifices with the vendors. Cinematography unfortunately has already been one of them. Winning this package would be huge a relief off our shoulders with the upcoming nuptials, and since we will be relocated once again soon after wedding. We would love to one day show our children our wedding video and share with them the joy that we will feel that day.

Hi Jennifer! If you are thinking about cutting cinematography based on budget, check this out: Best of luck with the contest and your wedding planning!

Your work is exquisite. My husband and I had a small wedding 6 months ago and are planning our dream wedding to celebrate with family and friends. We are both serving in the military as active duty officers and have lived apart for over 3 years. Coincidentally, the month we get married (August, 2014) will be the first time we’ll have the opportunity to live in the same area and finally have a home together. We’re counting down the months and absolutely cannot wait. There are no words to describe how ecstatic we would be if NST Pictures could photograph and film our wedding day. That day will mean more to us than anything else and the thought of it being captured in such a beautiful way by NST would truly be a dream come true.

Thank you so much,

Gina and Dan

Hi Gina–don’t leave it to chance! We want to make sure that you’re covered for your wedding day so you have an awesome film to relive the moments that you’re ecstatic for! Contact us for our new pricing that starts at $980 for half-day coverage here:

My fiancé and I are high school sweethearts, we’ve been together the last seven years and out of that we have produced the most amazing little boy any parent could ask for. As being young parents it’s hard to live and save up for a decent wedding. A wedding is a day of celebration, union, and family, and those pictures and video will last a lifetime, maybe even more. I respect what you guys do and would love for NST to be there for the BIG day!

[…] groom of course, was hiring a videographer. So I’m beyond thrilled to introduce you all to NST Pictures, a NYC and LA based studio offering simply gorgeous cinematic-style […]

We would love to win this for our wedding!

Hi guys! I just took a quick look around and your site looks really great. We’re getting married at dawn up the road in Connecticut. It’s a really small affair filled with nature and fun and I think a video would show the love of our friends and family and the sweetness of the day perfectly.

I would love to have the ability to capture all the small details of the day in a real time way that allows me & my family to appreciate, relive, and savor the wonder that is the day of our wedding.

The videos are beautiful 🙂

Wedding pictures and video??!? What more could a girl want?

[…] wedding film and a rustic, barn party Los Angeles wedding film were spotlighted, as well as our contest to win a free photo and video package for your wedding […]

oh my gosh. fingers crossed!!!

Hoping to win this one as we are on a tight budget 🙁 Crossing fingers.

There’s nothing more spectacular than capturing your special day and all the love that is bound between two people on film. NST you create some amazing work!

What a generous and fantabulous contest!

I would love to win this amazing package! Me and my fiancé will be getting married August 23rd of this year. We are paying for the entire wedding ourselves and unfournately we have no room in our budget to cover the expense of having a photographer or videographer. Right now our plan is to use the pictures from our guests. Being able to have either a photographer or a videographer for our wedding would be amazing and would provide us the opportunity to look back on our special day. Thanks for providing such a great prize for couples. Best of luck to everyone entering!

My fiancé and I have been best friends since the 8th grade. We helped each other through boyfriends and girlfriends and could always count on the other for help. After high school, however, he enlisted in the Marine Corps; I went to college and we lost touch. After I graduated, I moved to San Diego and as it turned out, I wasn’t very far from where he was stationed! He started coming down every weekend to spend time with me. One thing led to another and we realized what apparently the whole world had known for a very long time: that we were meant to be! He proposed about 6 months after we started dating and not even a week later, he deployed to Afghanistan. He’s been back home safe a year now and we are looking forward to finally getting our lives started! We are paying for everything ourselves so receiving such a gift would definitely be a blessing and a huge load off. Thanks for the opportunity!

Great story, Jenna! That must have been hard to be so excited about your engagement and have to say goodbye to your new fiance. Congrats on your wedding and good luck with the contest!

We have been in a long distance relationship for the past 2 years and will be tying the knot this summer . I would love a film that captures our live for one another. Something we can share with our kids 50 years from now

This is our dream giveaway – we consider photo + video one of the most essential parts of the celebration of our marriage. It would be wonderful to win this prize.

This package is so awesome and winning would be icing on the cake for me and my fiancé! Crossing our fingers that we will win!

This would be so wonderful to win!

Wow, such beautiful work! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win this great package!

My fiancé and I would absolutely love this package. We are trying to pay for the wedding mostly on our own, but are having a hard time trying to keep all the family and friends on the guest list without blowing all of our money. We would love it if we could still invite everyone and be able to have the videos and photos for the memories. This would be a phenomenal help. Fingers Crossed!

my fiance and I had a really tough year 2012 he was diagnosed with an aneurysmI was devastated I thought this was it for himwe kept going back and forth to the hospital3 different doctors were a maze that this aneurysm didn’t rupturehe is one out of a millionthat the aneurysm clot it on its ownwe’ve been together for 9 yearswe have 5 beautiful children my first daughter 11 years old from my past relationship her father passed away when she was only 2 weeks oldwhen she was 2 years old I met the love of my life and he took us in as his own 2005 we had a little boythen 2008 we had are second boy my husband love my daughter but we wanted another little girl so we tried again for the third time and 2011 we got another boysI already have for kids we did not want anymore.then our treasury begin November 2012 that’s what my fiance was diagnosed with the aneurysm.he was on disability for 6 months on medication depression did not know what to doall I thought it was please God let him be better for the sake of his the beginning of January 2013 I find out I was pregnant I said oh boy here comes another boy6 months later we find out we’re having a little girlmy fiance face lid up he was so happy.September 16 13 my little girl was born ever since my fiance and my five children and I have been very happy but because of the cost of the hospital bills we have not been able to get married and other financial problems but above everything we’re together and that’s what counts

Hi Daisy, thank you for sharing your story! It sounds like you have been on a roller coaster in the past few years. At least you know that the ride was better because you are sharing it with the love of your life. Congratulations and good luck with the contest!

I really love your pictures. I would live to win this package 🙂

I would like to win this package because photos and videos are very important to me I love to document everything !!! I’ve never had a wedding only married through the the Justice of peace and finally-we are having one this year 7-18-14 after 14 years of waiting.
The church
told us NO they will not marry us. 1-29-200 🙁 WE wanted a church wedding
So we got married by the Justice of the Peace in jeans and shirt and look at us now. :-)))
almost 15 yrs later stronger than ever with two beautiful boys and 7 1/2 yrs of military hardship behind us.
in light of our situation, WE have been married for almost 15 years… WE Are having the big white wedding I have always dreamed of…Ceremony – Wedding Dress – Suits – Wedding Party – Flowers – Limo – Reception – Cake – First Dance… Bridal shower the whole 9 yards :-))))Our story A boy from the Hood and Girl from the suburbs and foster care. Across the ocean from each other

Thanks for sharing your story, Veianna! Congrats on the big day after waiting so long!

What an awesome opportunity! Thank you for offering such a wonderful contest! My fiance and I are planning on getting married September 2015 and winning this would mean the world! Your pictures are amazing! xoxo

This would be an absolute dream to win! I am marrying my soulmate next year, and he is the only person I have ever been with- People often ask me why I don’t test the waters, see what it’s like to date others, and the truth is, once I started dating my fiancé, I never wanted anyone else. He makes me truly happy and is the most loving, supportive person I know. He is absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the one.

When you know, you know! Congrats, Hailey!

This would be a dream come true to win this. My fiancé and I have been engaged for over 9 years now!! Yeah that long lol. We’re finally getting married next year 5.30.2015 we didn’t have money to have a wedding being teen parents in highschool. We met when we were 14yrs old, Now being 28 were tired of waiting and decided to just go for it. So good luck to everyone but this would be a dream come true.

There’s never a good time! Glad to hear you’re just going to go for it. Good luck with planning and the contest.

lets not sugar coat this….We are the life of the party and we are the bomb…and it wouldn’t feel like work when working with us!!

Love love love!

I hope we can win this!! We don’t have much of a budget andwe are borrowing money from family to help pay for our wedding in October. I, myself, have been having ahard time finding work the past 5 years since I’ve graduated. I have only been working part time as a tutor and on call for catering. It would really help us if we can win this giveaway. The pictures are amazing and cinematography if important. All the pictures and video shots will let us see all that is going on during the wedding when we are all caught up in the moments and can’t see or notice things. It’ll alsohelp us relieve the happiness of that day as well.

I am posting again because I forgot I signed in with my facebook account and the email is different. :p

I can’t find my previous post….so here I go again…

I hope we can win this giveaway. My fiance and I are having a hard time with our budget. He is the only one working full time and he just bought a house 2 years ago; a few months after we got engaged. I’ve been struggling to find a full time job. Since I’ve graduated 5 years ago, I’ve only been working part time and on call. One of my on call jobs is no longer in the picture. I also help my mom with her bills as well, so it’s hard for me to save for the wedding. So far, we’ve been borrowing money when we need it from family. It would be a great help to us if win. The pictures are amazing and cinematography if important. All the pictures and video shots will let us see all that is going on during the wedding when we are all caught up in the moments and can’t see or notice things. It’ll alsohelp us relieve the happiness of that day as well. win this. This will be 2 less things to worry about.

Hi Helen–thanks for sharing! Good luck with all of your planning!!

So excited to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Love the videos and pictures! Awesome!

My husband and I (yes we are already married) didn’t have a party because the money was always short and nobody is helping us to pay, also, we had to be 1 year apart because I’m from another country and there was a lot of paperwork to be done before I was able to come back to the USA. We are on a budget that is not a lot, we won’t even have video because we can’t afford it, so this giveaway would be a gift from God to us, this way we could use that money to do something else for the wedding.

Hi Caroline! If you are thinking about cutting videography due to your budget, check this out: We just changed our prices and we now have a half-day package for $980 so if you don’t win, make sure you cover the most important day of you and your fiance’s life!

Wow – some of these stories that these brides have are so sad! I wish them all the best with their weddings and their futures. I am fortunate to say that I don’t have a tragic story to share. Just a love story between me and my fiance. We met online and had our first date on October 3, 2012. Since that day, my life has been forever changed. While some may say this sounds cliche, I say it sounds like the truth: he is my best friend, my confidant, my partner and I can’t imagine going through life without him. We’re looking to get married on October 3, 2015… 3 years exactly after our first date and would be honored to win this amazing gift to capture our special day. Good luck to all the couples looking to win!

What a sweet message, Eliza! Good luck with all of your planning. We hope it’s as easy as it was to fall in love with your fiance!

Thank you! We found our dream venue (Turner Hill in Ipswich MA) but it’s definitely over our budget. We’ll have to make some sacrifices in other areas to make it work but I’m confident it will all come together 🙂

Your work is beautiful! My fiancé and I would be thrilled to have our day captured on video and this contest may make that possible! Continue with your unique style and creativity. It’s exciting to see.

Natalie 🙂

Gorgeous photos! My fiance and I are paying for everything for our wedding and we would be overjoyed to win!


I would love to win this package! My fiance and I don’t have much to spend for our wedding, and it’d be great if we could win this!

This would be a wonderful thing to win for my wedding! Beautiful work!

I would loveee to win this giveaway! The photos are gorgeous!

LOVE your work and glad Style Me Pretty led me to you!

Gotta love Style Me Pretty! Thank you!

What beautiful work you all do!! The films are exquisite!! It would be an honor to have you film our wedding. It will be at the Bel-Air Bay Club in September this year. Beautiful couple, sunset views of the beach, and open bar. It should be a good time. 🙂 Hope we win!!

This would really help me out a lot. My fiance and i have been together for 8 years and need help with our wedding. We have been delaying it every year because we cannot afford it. this would be amazing!

Love all of your work! I just love how your work perfectly captures the happiness of the day.

Thanks for a great giveaway! I would love to win this 🙂

I would die if I won this.

Hi , I would love to win this prize, because, I am currently engaged and have no way of planning my wedding because my parent’s financial means, mine , and my fiancees’ are not permitting. I would love to win this because it would be my dream come true, it would mean as a SIGN that God is in my life, because I think these are hard to win, being that there is a lot of competition. This would mean the world to me and my fiancee because s of now, we see no way to make our dream come true. I have no words to describe how much this would make our hearts thrilled. Thank you and please consider me!

I would love to win this. The package is so good and weddings are so much money. This would help so much.

This would mean a lot to a couple that I know. I wouldn’t like to win this for myself but for my sister in law. I have been married to the love of my life for close to 3 years; I found my happily ever after. Now, is my sister in laws turn, she has found a wonderful man I know they will also have a happy life together!

Matt and I would be so thankful for this gift. We both aren’t very lucky. So to win something like this, we could have our memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.

Loving the pictures!

My fiancé and I have been together since high school and we can’t wait to finally tie the knot. I would be so grateful to have this opportunity for our wedding! This would help us out greatly as we just bought a house and funds are tight. It would mean the world to us if we won this package. Please consider me!

Hi Allison–the contest winner is chosen at random on June 30th. Stay tuned for updates!

It would be amazing to win this package because my fiancé and I have been waiting to get married until I graduate college and get my teaching credential. Mainly this is because we would then have enough funds to have the wedding of our dreams. Me and Kyle have been engaged for a little over three years now. We were from rival towns and he proposed to me at the annual rival football game. It was amazing and fun!

Cute story, Maigen! Thanks for sharing. After three years of planning, we’re sure everything will be perfect!

My Fiancé and I have been engaged for two years now. We have been pushing back our date because of money. It would be a dream to win this package because we are still trying to get our feet on the ground financially. Having professional pictures done for our wedding is extremely important to us, but our budget really doesn’t fit it. We have set our date for December 31st, 2014. Yes New Years Eve. We feel like it will be a magical day bringing in the new year as husband and wife surrounded by our loved ones. Of course I hope to win! But I’ll be really happy for whoever wins it. Whoever wins, will deserve it. Thank you for this chance! 🙂

Good luck, Jael! Sounds like your wedding is going to be amazing!

I seriously think that the only way I am going to be able to have my wedding photographed is if I win one of the 1000 contests Ive entered. I just cant afford anyone. 🙁

I would love to win! I have a 4 year old son plus a baby on the way. my wedding date is July 3, 2016 so we’re trying to save everything we’ve got toward the wedding…besides other normal living expenses. I go to a lot of wedding expo’s in my area and enter in all drawings…but i’ve only won one time, and that was a trip to a place of our choice…we never went on it because they wanted us to buy time shares…:( it would be amazing to be able to win something like this!

Thanks for sharing your story, Amber. You’d be surprised at how affordable our packages are–they start at $980! Good luck with your saving and we hope you win the contest!

Great pictures!

pick us, choose us, love us! we’d love this!

What an amazing give away! Fingers crossed!!

Brian and I have been saving our pennies for years for our wedding. We finally set a date, but still can’t afford photography. Right now we are planning on disposable cameras for our guests to snap pictures with. It would be so wonderful and meaningful to have professional photography.

Baron and I met in high school at his cousin and my best friend Joyce’s birthday celebration at Six Flags. Baron was the only male in the group and I was a flirtatious roller coaster loving high school girl. He made me laugh all day and I made him carry me up the hills of the park. We dated for a short time in high school but I ended up breaking it off. We reconnected a few years after high school. We met up at a Norms restaurant and sat there for six hours talking laughing and watching the sun rise. From then it was a wrap. He proposed to me as we over looked the city two years later and we deserve to win because it would be such a blessing for the both of us. We always look out for others and know one day it will come full circle. God continues to work things out for us and put us right where we need to be when we need to be there. Our love has continued to prevail and I can’t wait to watch it take us new places! I am so in love Baron Jones and I hope we can make our wedding special. Our budget is tight and I don’t know what photographer we would be able to afford if any. I know having pictures and videos of our special day is important to the both of us.

Thanks for sharing your story, Kylee!! Good luck with all of your planning and the contest!

We really hope to be the lucky winner of your prize package! Good luck to everyone! (:

I’d love to win! Weddings are SO expensive, nowadays.

I would love to win this contest…a video is so important in preserving our wedding day memories, I’m also a contributor to Huffington Post and Just Luxe so I would love to include coverage of this contest and the video in a wedding write up I will be posting. This would be a great inclusion to my piece!

Hi Mary–If you’re interested in following up with us about the winner (if it’s not you, that is!) for your piece, please email [email protected] in July. Good luck with the contest!!

It would be an awesome opportunity to work with you guys.

As a photographer myself who won’t be able to afford hiring a professional it would be simply AWESOME IF I WIN!!! After all, as much as I would like to, I can’t take my own wedding photos!

j and i have been friends for few years. one day, out of the blue, while we were hanging out, our eyes “met.” we’ve been together for a little over a year and will be getting married this july, 2014. due to our limited budget, we were not planning on having a videographer, which others tell us, is not a very good idea. i hope we get chosen so we can capture our special day forever. thanks for putting up this contest.
sunny and j

Hey Sunny! Thanks for sharing your story. How cute! Our packages are surprisingly affordable and start at $980. Trust your friends! After all is said and done, you’ll be so happy you’ve got a fantastic film to bring you back into the moment of your big day! Come chat with us:

So excited to find this contest! My fiancé and I find the photography and cinematography VERY important, and we were very excited to find a contest for such high quality work!

My fiance is currently in active duty for the United States military and I will be going to medical school this coming fall. We have been slowly trying to plan a wedding, mainly over skype or facetime. We have set a date for July 4th, 2015. This day holds a soft spot in our hearts since we reconnected at out town Independence Day fireworks. I have known my fiance since high-school but I am so thankful for the random run-in almost 2 years ago. I truly believe in fate and I am so lucky to have meet my soul-mate. It would mean the world to us to have amazing photographs to capture our day. We would love to be able to preserve our wedding day with beautiful photos and to share our story with our future children and grandchildren.

How patriotic, Liza! Sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic event. Thanks for sharing your story. Best of luck with planning and the contest!

I have been waiting what seems like a lifetime for this moment. We are a young couple who have one son and my husband to be is a caretaker to his mom. We struggle because of course priorities of my son and life come first. At this point I am willing to have people take pics with their phones and just have the beautiful memories of our scheduled day in Nov 2014. It would be such a blessing if we were chose!!!!

I know that I’m not the only hard luck case out there. The plain and simple truth is that without a little help, I don’t think that I am going to have the memories of this once in a lifetime event captured properly. Yes, I am asking friends and family to take as many photos as they can and give them to us. Yes, this is greatly appreciated and is better then nothing, but I do not want to look back on this day and be embarrassed or regretful that I missed my one big chance at having the marker of the joining of last brief moments as a single woman spent in the company of my dearest family and friends merge with the new and glorious future I will forge with my true and forever Love.

Hi Cambria–thanks for sharing your story! Good luck with the contest!

love the pictures and videos!

I would love to win this package because its important to record these memories for our enjoyment and for our children and children’s children. I’m the first in my family to have a proper wedding ceremony and I want it to be remembered.

Kate is in school getting her MBA at Boston University and working also. She and Jos are getting married in Boston on May 15, 2015 and having this type of support – never mind the beautiful pictures would be really great and greatly appreciated. But reading all the other entries so many people can use benefit too by winning this contest. Thank you for Kate’s consideration

My fiancé and I would really appreciate this NST package because we really know the impact that one picture or video can make. My fiancé is currently stationed in Japan he is a Navy Corpsman. Sadly the majority of our relationship has been spent apart instead of together due to all the traveling he does. There were so many times missing him became unbearable and honestly the only thing that helped, was going through old photos and videos. These photos are a reminder of all the amazing memories we’ve shared and those memories makes the hard times apart worth it! I know our wedding day will mean so much to the both of us but being able to look back at the pictures taken will help us relive those moments over and over.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Love, Future Navy Wife

Aww! Thanks for sharing, Sabrina! You never realize how important video is until you’re missing someone or missing the feeling of a special event. Come chat with us about capturing your big day:

I am attending Boston University receiving my MBA right now and working while attending school. I would absolutely love to win this contest and greatly appreciate being considered for such a wonderful package and support for our May 15, 2015 wedding in Boston. I read all the other comments of those who also entered the contest and see there are many that could certainly use this support/winning of the contest too. Good luck everyone.

Hi Kate–We would love to be a part of your big day and our packages start at just $980 for a beautiful wedding film. Come chat with us about your big day!

I hope I win because at the end of the day, the pictures and memories are the most important things


It would be amazing to win this package! Let me win!


My name is Melody and I would love to win this amazing package. I was in a relationship for 10 years and didnt believe i could ever be a bride. It was a domestic violence relationship. After 10 long years I decided to break it off. I not only found happiness within I truly found my SOULMATE(fiance), in which I belive was sent by my dad in heaven. Life has been difficult dealing withsuch a breakup and the loss of my dad to suicide. I never thought i could be this happy. I hope I win this package so my DREAM wedding can come true!!!!

Hi Melody–we’re so glad you’ve found happiness and true love after two very tragic times in your life. Congratulations on finding the one and good luck with the contest!

My husband and I met when I was 18 years old and did a court house marriage a year later. 7 years later we are finally planning our official wedding! We are on a tight budget but after waiting so long for our big day, we do not want to sacrifice any of the things that we want. Since photography and video are one of the most important things on our “must” list, we are excited at the chance to win this package with NST pictures!

<3 Leah

Hi Leah–If video is a must, don’t leave it up to chance! Come talk to us about your day, secure our services and then if you win, it will be free! Learn more:

This would be amazing

Awesome photos!

The pictures are stunning and the light in the photos is great and when you capture that all together it really shows how well of a job

Fingers crossed for an awesome photo package!

My fiancé mike and I would love to win this! The pictures are beautiful and we think pictures and the video is such an important part of the wedding so we can have great memories and relive the day.

Love the job you guys do with the photos. They come out absolutely stunning and fresh. A lot of the other photography companies I’ve looked at photoshop and filter their photos quite a bit, which is the look some brides may like, but your company keeps the photos simple to bring out the true essence of those photographed and I like that. A lot!

Crossing my fingers & hoping to win this amazing prize package!

Love your work…..thanks for giving all of us the chance to win.

I love your photos! I am (finally!) marrying my high school sweet heart in October 2015 on Long Island. Your photos would be a great addition to our day!

Your pictures are beautiful, and winning this contest would take a large amount of stress off my fiancé and I. We are trying to work out our budget and unfortunately we can’t really afford to do as much as we would like in regards to photos of our wedding. So winning this contest would be an amazing wedding present.

I would love to have NST do our wedding photography and videography! ! The pictures look great and my fiance and I would love to remember our wedding days for years to come.

This opportunity to win will be a blessing for my fiance and I. We have only been together for a year and some months, but we have been through it…and through our love for each other, we still standing strong. This will be a dream come true to capturing our beautiful day as we become husband and wife and become as one, a union. Pictures says a thousand words and I would love nothing but professional photography to capture our beautiful day; a once in a lifetime moment.

I want NST to capture my special day! I am from Louisiana and my fiance is from California. He is an only child and I am the youngest of Ten! We met on and its just like the commercials. He is a Police Officer on the SWAT and Gang Team, and I am currently a Finance Manager in the Motorsports industry, while currently pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. I lost my father at the age of 2 and I would love nothing more than to have him here. I Love pictures and the the memories they create, I would be more than happy to have someone professional capture our big day. I want those memories to last forever, I wish I had more pictures of my dad to really learn who he was. I want my pictures to be there for my kids when my time comes. Memories are created in a moment, but you treasure them for a lifetime with images 😉

Thanks for sharing, Staci! Don’t leave your memories to chance–come talk to us about the details of your day so you can have a beautiful video to capture the movement and sound of your big day –

No wedding date set yet. But it will be in the next two years. I have friends who are photographers, but they are friends I want to be able to enjoy my wedding and not have to be working during the event.

It would be a huge blessing to win something like this!! Fingers crossed!

Your cinematography looks fabulous! We’re thinking about hiring you for our wedding.

We’d love to be a part of your big day, Debbie & Brian. If you’d like to hear more about our packages, fill out this form and we can talk details:

Bradley and I would love to win this package because our love is very unique. He is 17 years older than I am and I know our families did not approve when we first started dating. (I come from a very strict traditional Asian family and he’s a humble man from down south). However, everyone realized how happy we made each other and that we are truly in love. Of course everyone assumed I was a gold digger and/or that he was a cradle robber but we clearly proved everyone wrong. And don’t even get me started on how many dirty looks and nasty comments we receive when we’re out in public. I look very young (I’m 25, but look 16.) and he’s a bald white guy with a chefs belly, chicken legs, and a very charming southern accent! After 8 months of dating he decided to pop the question and now we’re on our journey to getting married! For those of you who struggle with age, it really is just a number. Ignore those negative people!

Thanks for sharing, Nancy! We’re sure you will have a fantastic wedding. Good luck with the contest and your wedding planning!

I would love to have wonderful pictures for my wedding.

Pictures of your special day last a life time! Don’t skimp on your photographer!!

When I’m 93 and can’t remember who my husband is I want to be able to relive the experience through the photos and videos taken. Even now, being together 5 years I stumble across photos of us when we first started dating and the entire adventure rushes out of the fog. The amount of memories a photograph can bring back is phenomenal.

“The entire adventure rushes out of the fog.” Awww–That’s so sweet! Thanks for sharing and good luck with all of your planning, Sara.

We met some time in December of 2009. Troy wanted to meet for dinner or drinks but I blew him off. Fortunately, he was persistent and didn’t give up. The night before Valentine’s Day in 2010, I finally agreed to meet Troy for dinner and drinks. It went so well that I agreed to have Valentine’s dinner the next day with a man I’ve only known for a day. Day by day, we fell in love and on March 17, 2010 we officially became a couple. Our memories together are some of the best things I love to remember. We kissed under the rain, held each other at 4 am on the beach, played paintball, shopped for furniture as a couple, shared new adventures together, and laid out our hearts. We have so many good days that even our bad days are great because at the end of any day, we held each other close no matter what. Over the years, he has become my best friend, my gallant knight, and the man who has my heart. On December 19, 2012 while we were vacationing somewhere in Florida Keys, he went down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! This is the man I want to fall in love with over and over again for the rest of my life and remember until my last breath. Photos and cinematography of our wedding on Feb 21, 2015 would be one of the most important things to us. It will be one of the few things we will keep and look back to for the days we were young in that once in a lifetime chapter in our lives.

Scott & I met about 8 years ago when I started to pledge AKPsi a co-ed Business fraternity. He was my pledgemaster, we were both in other relationships but we knew we would be great friends. As the years passed, he did several co-ops, I traveled abroad, and it wasn’t until our last semester senior year we were both back at school, single, and ready to enjoy our last few month. The sparks flew and we have been together ever sense. He means the world to me, he is my best friend.

The past year has been the most challangeing, my father has been having an affair, and this came out right around the time i thought we would get engaged. My father ruined that time for us, but Scott stayed by my side when my family and I needed him most. He waited paitently and finally popped the question. I couldn’t be happier! As one marriage ends, another is about to start. I know i picked well, Scott is extremely loyal, and trustworthy I feel so lucky that he has choosen forever with me. Since all the drama has insued at a rough time, Scott and I are paying for most of the wedding ourselves. Winning this would be wonderful for us! I want to have amazing photos/videos to remember our special vows to eachother of For Better or for worse.

thank you!

Hi Brittany–Thanks for sharing your story! We’re glad to hear that Scott has been your rock through this hard time. Best of luck with your wedding planning and the contest!

I think that this is amazing. Offering free photo and video to someone for their wedding day is an immeasurable blessing. Although I pray that it is me I know that if it isn’t someone out their will be blessed with amazing photos and videography for their wedding. Best of luck everyone!!

Considering we don’t have an enormous budget for our wedding, this package would be so, very helpful. We plan to marry in Fall 2014. Thank you for offering such a great package!

What a great opportunity! Your work is beautiful, this would be a wonderful treat for such a terrific day…

I have been watching your wonderful weddings since the day I was asked to be someones wife. I would love to have our wedding day captured by your cinematographers. We have been together for a little over 8 years and have known one another since childhood. Throughout the years we have lived in different states since he was serving in the U.S. Navy. He wrote me many letters during that time. Since then we have lived together and worked very hard. I am a teacher’s assistant (paraprofessional) for students with autism, and he is a student in college. We also have a limited budget as do many brides. So I wish a good Luck to everyone

Thank you for the chance to win this service.

Thank you for this awesome opportunity and give away! I know this will be an amazing blessing to the winner (hope it’s me). My fiancé & I have been dating and living about 3 hours apart from each other since the start, over 2 years ago! We are counting down the days till our wedding and being able to live together and in the same town! It would be so beautiful to have our union videoed for a lifetime of memories. Thank you for your time and consideration.

This would be a blessing if we were randomly chosen. Since we are paying for everything ourselves our budget for a photographer is out of the question. We are seriously considering using our go pro’s to film our wedding that way we have some way to capture our beautiful moments with our wonderful family.

Thanks for sharing with us. Cinematography doesn’t have to be out of budget! Fill out this form so that we can chat about your options –

A year ago I met the love of my life. Through everything that we have gone through we have been able to stay together and we are just so happy. I can’t wait to be married to this wonderful man. 😀

Considering I don’t have an enormous wallet for an expensive themed wedding, this package would help out a ton. My theme is Alice in Wonderland, and with the help of Etsy, Pinterest, and my creative mind, I think this will turn out really nice. Were saving for our first home, so money is really tight in this dept. We plan to marry in the Spring of 2015, and hopefully go to a tropical island far away for our honeymoon. Thank you for offering packages like this for brides like me!

Good luck, Tania! Sounds like a fantastic wedding!

We are renewing our vows 25 years later. We never had a wedding since we had eloped at a very young age. Most people were against us, they told us that our marriage would fail based on statistics. We are now finally having our wedding with our children and friends standing with us. It would be in honor to have our special moment photographed and with video. As I do not have the photographer nor can afford one.

Aww a love that truly did last! Sounds like your vow renewal will be great. Good luck with the contest!

I would love to win this opportunity to portray mine and my love’s wedding day the best way possible. I would love to have such an amazing way to display the love we have for each other and the love we will share on our wedding day.

Photographing and a video of our wedding is THE most important part of the day for me. It is the one thing that we can take away from our wedding day to keep forever! I can’t wait to make wonderful memories and scrapbooks! 🙂

my fiancé and I became engaged July of last year. two weeks after we were engaged, he left the country for eleven months as a Fulbright scholar living and working in Austria. we have started our wedding planning 4000 miles apart and are just starting the conversations about photography and videography – we’d love to be able to afford both!

You can! We offer half-day packages starting at $980. When you think about the investment in the long run–it’s well worth it! Come chat with us about your day, Mary!

My fiance and I would appreciate winning this package, we have been putting off our big day for 3 years due to family moving to different states, for life changing events, my fiances brother in medical school living in New York, my parents retiring to Florida, My twin Sister taking on art jobs in New Mexico and My brother serving two tours and currently serving over seas in the Army. It has been a challenge planning this special day with all of them so far away. To have this be one less stress, to enjoy there presence on the big day would be amazing. To have the opportunity to share our treasured day through NST Pictures videography and photography package, with family and friends who are scattered across the US would be a dream come true. Although they may be far away they can cherish the day as a beautiful memory with us.

XOXO Bride

Thanks for sharing, Kristina. Sounds like you guys have been through it all. At least you know marriage will be a breeze! Good luck with the wedding planning and the contest!

My fiancé and I would love to win this package. I am a 100% disabled veteran. I contracted a rare disease while I was deployed to Iraq. My initial prognosis was grim, as I was given only 18 months to live. I endured years of blood transfusions, chemotherapy, and ultimately, a stem cell transplant. That was 4 years ago. My fiancé stood by me through it all, never once wavering in his love for me. We are finally getting the chance to be married, but we are having to finance it ourselves, which is not easy when you have depended on disability pay for this long. He gave up everything to be by my side, to ensure that I was never alone in my battle. He works so hard to give me a good life, as I still suffer the effects of the disease, as well as severe PTSD. In the chance that my disease makes a comeback, I want him to have lasting memories of the happiest day of our lives – a video and photos to bring back the smiles from our big day.

Hi Christina–Thank you for your service. It sounds like you and your fiance have been through a lot. We hope that your wedding makes up for everything. Good luck with all of your wedding planning and the contest. It’s chosen at random but you certainly deserve a big break like this!

My fiance got engaged just before Christmas. Cliche, I realize. But it was perfect and I cried like a fool, I could barely shake my head “yes” I was so excited. He and I live a simple life together in a small condo in the suburbs of CT. I work in a high school and he works for a local business. We have a small budget for our wedding that we are paying for ourselves. It would be amazing to have our photography and videography (which is not in our budget right now) done by your professional company. Winning this contest would take an enormous monetary stress off our shoulders and we would be forever indebted. I wish all the brides who have entered good luck, and best wishes for a wonderful wedding!

Thanks for sharing your story, Lindsay! Good luck with the contest!!

I would LOVE to win this package the photos are beautiful! My husband to be is the lieutenant of our town’s Fire Dept., so we’re getting married at the Fire Station this July 12! I would love nothing more than to have our special day documented by such talented people!

Hi Lilian–that sounds like such a great wedding! Unfortunately, we won’t be picking a winner until after your wedding date. Our packages are affordable and start at $980, so if you’d like more information, please fill this out and we’ll chat:

You do BEAUTIFUL work… I would LOVE to win this giveaway! 🙂 It would be an absolute blessing!

I would love the opportunity to have my wedding photographed by you!!

Beautiful pictures. Good luck to all!

[…] our August Cinematography Collection Winners, Shari and Jamal! Their trailer definitely makes us smile! This fun-loving couple was married on […]

As someone who has taken photography courses myself, I have a love for beautiful photos. I love the way they can capture a moment in time. We will never relive the day once it is over, but it will be captured for the end of time with one great photo. It will be timeless. This requires more than a mere snapshot of a beautiful couple. A great photo of a couple on their wedding day captures their personalities, the vibe of the day, and most importantly their love for one another.

My fiance Jason and I would love to for NST Pictures capture our our wedding day. Of everything I have seen so far, the photographers at NST Pictures really understand how to create photos that are not only priceless, but timeless.

Hi Layla–We actually don’t do any photography at all. We only do cinematic-style videography, but all of your comments translate to film as well! Good luck with the contest!

I would love to win the contest. We don’t have the money for a videographer, so, unless we win it won’t be able to have one. It would be amazing to have that video to show our future children and grandchildren

I met my best friend (Mark) after a mutual friend of both of ours (Dan) told him that he dreamt Mark met his friend Courtney (me!) and married her. Mark and I eventually met, and the three of us became close friends and actually lived together after college! Low and behold, Mark and I wound up together and went from best friends to fiances over the next few years. I guess dreams do come true 😉 Or Dan’s a psychic.

We would absolutely love to win this contest as we recently ruled out engagement photos from our budget since wedding photos will be too costly for us to manage both. What an awesome and generous thing you guys are doing for someone!!

What a fantastic story! Your kids will never believe it! Good luck with the contest!

This is a great opportunity! Thank you. Good luck to all!!

I am getting married on June 22, 2014 to the love of my life! He proposed on our 1 year anniversary in front of our entire church with the divine help of our Pastor who centered his sermon around our engagement without me or the church knowing a thing! I was so shocked that I never officially said yes because all I could do was cry.

Having NST Pictures capture the wonderful moments of our wedding day would be a dream come true!!

Great story, Tessa! Good luck with your planning and the contest!

My fiancé and I met the second week of freshman year in college and been together ever since. He is truly my best friend and couldn’t imagine being with any one else. We were together for seven years before recently getting engaged. We are currently trying to plan our wedding for June 3,2016, however since we are paying for everything ourselves this wedding package would really help ensure that we have some of the best memories! Otherwise we will just push back our date so that we can afford the wedding of our dreams!!!!

Hi Desiree–You only have one wedding so pushing it back a little so you can have the best day ever is no big deal! It seems like one now, but trust us–you don’t want to skimp on important things like having all of the guests you wanted to invite and having amazing photo and video to capture all of the perfect moments. Good luck with planning and the contest!

Bethany Sayamongkhun

We don’t have a large budget to work with since my family can’t help out at all. But we are working with what we have and are so stoked to be taking that step towards forever! Our ceremony is on the beach so I know I’ll have a lot of mental memories never to forget. The odds are slim but how amazing it would be if my fiance and I were chosen so we can look back on our day!

Hey Amazing Photos you are sharing.. Thank you..

I would love to win this package since we are in really tide budget for our wedding. This will help a lot.

This is such a great contest! I would be so blessed to win something like this for our wedding!

Chris and I have finally gotten engaged after dating since high school since 2004. We moved in together right before Superstorm Sandy and she flooded out our home within minutes so it set our engagement back because Chris had to use his saved up ring money to fix our home since Fema did not give us any assistance. We would love to get as much aide as we can in anything with planning our wedding.

this is awesome! after a long time of secretly dating my fiance because of my parents disapproval 🙁 im finally marrying my best friend and love of my life :,) this would be perfect for our low budget wedding 🙂

I hope I win! I love your work ! My future husband would love this !

I would go bananas if I won this . As it stands now I can’t afford this.
I getting married for the 1st time in my 40s and I want it to be unbelievable.

Hi Deanna, congratulations! We have affordable packages, so let’s chat and see what we can come up with for your big day!

We look forward to having a fun filled beautiful celebration with our families and close friends and would love to immortalize that day by capturing it on film so that we can go back and relive it every now and again but mostly so that we can inspire future generations to take the risk of comitting to love and thus reap it’s beautiful fruits. We are still in school and so winning this package would be a real blessing! God bless your buisness!

I am the bride to be. I would love to win this contest because of the fact that I am the first and youngest grandchild out of my family to not have any children and doing the right thing in the eye of God to get married then start a family.

My fiance and I got engaged this past December at Disneyland and in order to not go into dept we have decided to push the wedding off until end of next year. We are paying for this entirely on our own and we are currently living check to check but saving every penny we can. This package would be so helpful and relieve a lot of the stress of finding a good photographer and being able to afford one. We were thinking of even not doing pictures simply because of the cost. Thanks for chance to win this amazing prize 🙂

If I were to win this contest, it would mean the world to my soon to be hubby and I! We’ve been together going on 13 years this October and have a 2year old daughter together, as well as are in the process of adopting a 9 year old girl as well. Money has always been of up most concern. Being able to share our long love story in this format forever, would be a dream come true. What girl doesn’t have there fairytale vision they want to attempt to fulfill? Hope we can get this opportunity to work together!

These are amazing!!! I hope we win!! We really need this! We are on a very tight budget and may not be able to get a wedding video if we don’t win. everyone says we need one because we will regret it, but we are really trying to work it out. We would be super excited if we win.

Hi Emely- Let’s see how we can fit cinematography into your big day. Our packages are affordable!

Thank you for this opportunity!!! We would love to have NST shoot our wedding, it would be something we can cherish for the rest of our lives. It will also be a great reminder of our special day, should we ever want to relive it. We don’t have much of a budget to work with and having this opportunity would be the chance of a lifetime. Thank you again!

Michelle Roggemann

Words can’t describe true love between two people, that is how I feel about my future husband. We are getting married April 26, 2015 and couldn’t be more excited to have our day caught on film. Good luck to all those who have entered this is truly an amazing wedding gift to anyone planning a wedding. At the end of the day win or lose the contest, we have all won the greatest gift of all in finding love and being loved. Thanks!

I am marrying the love of my life after four years of dating, and we would be so honored to win the NST photo and video package. We both work and go to school, and living in NYC, it’s hard to make one and a half salaries stretch! We are paying for our wedding ourselves, so every little bit of aid to the celebration helps. And when we’re old and white-haired, it will be so great to show the grandkids how young and glamorous we once were in our fancy NST video!

My fiancé Mark and I would love to win this package. We both love the work NST does. Winning would help us out as we have a small budget and we have no extra for professional video.
Good luck to all the brides!

My Fiance and I had to make the difficult choice to cut out the videographer given our budget. It was a difficult choice as we both see the upside of having this video for the rest of our lives to share with our eventual kids and grandkids. The work by NST is absolutely amazing and we would be honored to have them participate in our special weekend and day!

Good luck to all the brides!

Hi Katie- Our packages are surprisingly affordable. Capturing your big day is a great investment! Let’s chat about your options:

Words can’t express how excited we would be to win. our engagement was not captured in pics or video and I wish it had been . I would love to win

My fiancée and I would love to win this contest because our wedding will be the same date (March 7, 2015) we started dating which makes it extra special on our 5th anniversary!

Aww, how cute! This is a great time to secure your date with us. Fill out this form, and we can help you pick a package that’s perfect for your big day!

Wow! I love your videos thats all I can say.

I want to win! Most of my wedding has been donated but I don’t have a friend who is a professional videographer.

This would be a complete dream come true!!! Capturing all of the little details of this day would be my favorite gift of all! Love your work and can’t wait to work with you! (Wishful thinking always wins, right?! 😉 )

Such a sweet wedding video. Gorgeous bride and groom! Love

I would like to win for many reason but it will take forever to explain. I’ll just give one. I was homeless 3 times. all those time I manage to go to school to give myself a better life. I manged to graduated with a MBA in general management while leaving in my car. Finally i saved enough and i had my own place and Sandy had me homelles again this time with my 18 months old son. I met the man of my dream but due to our finances I can’t afford to have my fairy tale wedding. Anything to have us spend a little lesss will be greatly appreciated

My fiancé and I would like to win this package because we would love to have a video to remember our special day together! Our budget is tight so winning this package would be absolutely amazing. We have been together on and off for 13 years n are best friends always were even when we weren’t together, I was so happy when he finally proposed, i can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together, it’s an awesome feeling knowing I’m marrying my soulmate

Hi, first want to wish everyone good luck! Winning something at this magnitude would make the event that much more special! Planning and organizing is so much work and to have it captured as a flick would be the cutting edge, that prooves we can have just about it All!! Except the most important and valuable moments are having all your loved ones, in one place at the same time sharing your special day! The best would be to have our own “modern family” episode since we have such a blend! Again Lots of Luck to all!!!

I would like to have a videographer because this is my dream wedding and dream fiance and after 12 years I still love him more than ever! We have family that are getting older and we want to have memories of this day. We would also like to share the video with those close to us who could not attend the wedding so they do not feel left out.

Thank you for offering such a wonderful giveaway! My fiancé and I aren’t sure that a video is in our wedding budget, so winning this would make our day!

Hi Kara- Let’s chat to see how we can fit a cinematography package into your budget! It’s a priceless way to remember your big day forever!

I’d love to win this opportunity to be able to share those memories with my children and relive the moment when we made our vows when times get hard or just on our anniversaries! Thanks!

Bethany Sayamongkhun

Thanks so much for allowing the opportunity for something so amazing to possibly look forward to as a wedding gift!

My fiancé and I are getting married at a historic place and this would be so amazing!! It has been amazing how God brought us together it has been a little difficult to pay for everything since his work hours dropped. We hold on to God and hope that He will provide all that we need. It would be so awesome to win this!!!!


Winning this would mean everything to my fiancé and I. We met when we were 13 and he moved next door to me and have been together ever since. Our wedding is 1/2/15 and we are on such a super tight budget (also the reason we are having a winter wedding, our September date we wanted was just too much!). After all of these years together, I get to marry the boy next door. The only thing that would make it better would be to win this awesome video package!! 🙂

Winning this would be perfect

Thanks for this opportunity to have our BIG DAY captured on film forever.
I have been waiting for almost 20 years. And this is my year. I would LOVE to win this contest.
Thanks so much. I hope that you do pick this entry.
Christine Collins

Im engage and at this moment me and my fiance really cant afford the wedding cost. I wouuld love to win this package because it gives me hope that I would have an wonderful marriage that I dream of. Also I never won anything in my life so it would be nice to win this. Also a nice birthday gift

My fiance’ and I are getting married in 2015. We both agree that photography is one of our top priorities and we would love the help of your team. These pictures will help capture our wedding celebration and memories that will last a life time. We both met while playing on a beach volley ball league. Our love for the beach has led us to the decision of getting married on the beach where we first met <3
Winning would mean so much to us both.

The video captured the moment just right, It will be priceless to win this, thanks for the opportunity may God bless you.

Winning wud b the ultimate icing on the cake!!!!
Hope we c u in May ’15!

My fiance and I would love to win this to truly remember all the sights and sounds from our special day. We can’t wait to be married on 10/10/14!

Love your work!

Beautiful video…would love to win!

I would love to win this package for my upcoming wedding, our budget is a little tight and we do not have the money to have a video package so this would be great!

This is such a wonderful gift to give a Bride and Groom!

Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

<3 Sammie

My Fiance and I have known each other since high school. At that time I didn’t think my goofy friend would have turn into the love of my life. 🙂
Winning this package would be a fabulous way to remember and relive the best day ever!

I would absolutely love to win this!

Would love to capture the emotion, the excitement, the love, and hoepfully some dance moves on our big day!

That’s what cinematography is all about! Let’s set up a time to discuss our packages for your big day:

How lovely this would be to win! Such amazing work you do! My fiance is currently deployed and it would be a wonderful keepsake to have to document our well deserved day once he is home!

well, this would be a great gift and a wonderful reminder of our day. It’s not with in our budget, but we would be overjoyed to have something to reflect on for years to come…especially by a company that does such beautiful work.

not to mention all my BTB friends I can refer!

Domonique Hoffman

I would love to win this!! Good luck everyone.

I am the mother of the bride. My husband and I are making our daughters wedding on a very limited budget. He is disabled and I am a preschool teacher. We would love to win this package so we san have a truly wonderful day captured for our memories.

Would love to win this package. Good luck to all.

My fiance and I would be so ecstatic to even be considered. After 3 1/2 years of being together he popped the question, he is my best friend. After making it through 2 years of a long distance relationship we knew we could make it through anything

Would love to win this. It would truly be a blessing.

** I am a Groom **( yes men care about weddings too 🙂

I met my fiancé in school and have been together for almost 9 amazing years. We will be getting married in the fall of 2015 and have started to plan our wedding. There’s nothing more that I would love than to give her the perfect wedding that she wants; something we can share with our friends and families, and future children. Planning for us will not be easy as we will be taking care of all the details of our wedding and foregoing any immediate honeymoon to ensure that we have a blast at the wedding. Evenso , we would appreciate this opportunity as an artistic memory captured forever.

We are city kids at heart in the big apple but will be getting married by the Hudson valley. The weekend wedding getaway will have horseback riding , star gazing, bonfires, and other fun activities that have ultimately constrained our budget. We hope we win and promise an amazing scenery with beautiful details. If not, we can always stick a GoPro on someone’s head and wish for the best!

Thanks !

My fiance and I are paying for this wedding ourselves. We have gone through a lot the past year and a half and winning this video package would help us out so much. My fiance is the most wonderful man alive. He is the father of a beautiful 5 year old son and a 10 year old daughter whom he adopted. This is my first marriage and his second, however he did not get to have the wedding of his dreams the first time around. He didn’t exactly have the marriage of his dreams the first time around and he has been through a lot in the past 2 years. I am currently a full time special education teacher who is also in grad school, so money to say the least is VERY tight. We would love to win this video package as we really would like to capture our special day.

I love that you guys are giving away this wondeful gift! Hopefully someone really special will win! I am the first in my family to have a wedding! My mother and father have been together for over 25 years and never had a real wedding so my mother is beyond excited! I was so lucky to meet my fiance after my daughter got into a burning accident and burned the side of her face. After finaly leaving the hospital I started taking her to an art class since she was limited to so many other activities and there I met my fiance. He took such a great interest to her. He was the art instructure at the art studio and was so loving and caring to my daughter. It def seemed like she got extra special treatment from him and that made me instantly drawn towards him. We then learned that we went to the same college and it quickly went from there. We fell in love and he proposed to me when I went to visit his family. He is origanly from Germany and only a small amount of them will be able to attend our wedding. I am from Brazil and the same things goes for me. So having this memory means so much to us. As my fiance and I grew closer he accepted my daugther as his own. His whole family has made me feel as if my daugther and I are part of their family .They have accepted us and loved us and this has made my biggest fear disapear since once being a single mother. Today I am more happy then ever because my daugther is competely heeled and looks as beautiful as ever and now we have a little family of our own. As i heeled through that hard process I learned to love and accept someone new in my life. But the best of all he has accepted me and most importantly my daughter as part of him. He is amazing. We are still putting ourselves through college and attempting to put this wedding together. This would mean the world to us! Good luck everyone!

I would love to win this giveaway! I love the look of modern day wedding videos and trailers!!! So memorable!

Me and my fiancé are getting married on April 18 2015 and this would be a great present to us. We were actually just going to the courthouse to get married due to the fact we could not afford the wedding expense, my mother bless her heart has stepped forward and help us so much and n helping us with a wedding venue it’s becoming a dream come true and to have this as a gift would be a wonderful blessing to us more than anyone would know

I would love to win thispackage for me and my fiance. We went to highschool together however we only knew of each other it wasn’t until just past 3 years ago that we actually hold up. He has moved where I am just so that we could be together. He has took a very huge pay cut in order to be closer to me. This wedding planning has been very difficult to say the least financially however we are doing whatever we can to make it beautiful. I know its very hard on him to see me do a majority of things because he had to take such a huge pay cut in order to move here. So anything that can make things easier for will truly be a blessing with 6 kids between the both of us Amy hope would be a blessing.

Jennifer Marchese

My fiancé Jon and I woulsnlovemtochave you shoot our wedding and capture our special day on 6/6/15, love you work! Hope we win!

Jennifer Marchese

My fiancé Jon and I woulsnlovemtochave you shoot our wedding and capture our special day on 6/6/15, love your work! Hope we win!

Jennifer Marchese

My fiancé Jon and I would love to have you shoot our wedding, to capture our special day on 6/6/15, love your work! Hope we win!

This is awesome!!!! Would make a nice addition to our wedding and any wedding. Crossing my fingers. : D Best of luck to all the brides xoxoxo

Lindsey Atkinson

My fiancé Matt and I would LOVE to have a videographer at our wedding. We are planning to have our wedding on Martha’s Vineyard. Having a videographer there to capture all the amazing moments in a beautiful place would be awesome. Having a videographer would help us create memories that we could hold onto forever. It is something we would truly cherish for the rest of our lives. Good luck to all! 🙂

Wow, what a great contest! My fiance and I would love to win this contest so that we can have a talented videographer film our wedding day! Right now this isn’t really in the cards for us financially, so winning this contest would really be spectacular! We’d love to be able to look back on our wedding video years later!!

After reviewing your beautiful work I am writing in dire hope of winning the video package for our wedding. My fiance proposed in December 2013 after three years of dating. We met while he was stationed as an Active Duty US Marine in our home state of New Jersey. In three years we have been thrown more curve balls than I can count, the greatest of which is his current duty station in a tiny, tiny town in rural WA state as a Marine Corps Recruiter. As our entire extended family resides in New Jersey, I am overwhelmed trying to plan my wedding from across the country. Because we spend our lives miles away from family and friends and cannot afford to fly home, we feel as though we miss out on making many memories we would otherwise be a part of. We would love (beyond love), to preserve our wedding memories with all of the people we love in pictures and video that we can take with us wherever we move. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this on our military budget, and would be eternally grateful to be able to preserve this most special day with those we are so far away from, and will be for the next 10 years.

I would love to win this video package.!!
My husband and I got married really young at 18 and 21 yrs old after dating for 3 years, we only had a civil ceremony at the court. We knew we were going to be together forever regardless of when we got married but we rushed into it because he wanted to help me and my family with our legal status. After 10 years married and after saving for our special day, we have decided to renew our vows and have the wedding ceremony we never had. This wedding will be a celebration of our love with our family and friends. This package would definitely capture great memories to show our future children 🙂

I really hope we win! Your work is extraordinary ! My wedding is coming up so fast, this would be such a great addition to our day

I would love to win! My fiancé and I have been together for 11 years and we are finally tying the knot! No amount of additional overtime will swing a videographer, this would be perfect!

Hi Rachael, Let’s set up a time to talk about our packages. They’re surprisingly affordable, and we’d love to cinematically preserve your big day!

I would love to include a photo of my fiancé and myself but I don’t have one. Winning this video package would be such a blessing. Your work is extraordinary and would love to have this keepsake. Our wedding is not until 5/16/15 and we are very excited about planning our event to be shared with our family and friends.

I would send a photo of my fiancé and myself but I don’t have one. Your videos are extraordinary and we would love to win this package. Our wedding is set for May 16, 2015 and we are in the early stages of planning our celebration with our family and friends. This would be a wonderful keepsake.

Brandon and I are so in love and are ready to say “I do.”
We feel best for this contest because our love is deep and very strong, it should be recorded only by the best!

My fiance Carlos and I have been engaged for almost 2 years now and have waited until I get my degree. We have been dating for 6 years now, 3 1/2 of those long distance, and we are so excited to tie the knot FINALLY!

We would love it if we could win this contest because it has been so hard to save money for the wedding on only one income. This would help us out a lot. Hope we have a chance to win!

My fiance Dan and I have been together for 6 years, 2 of which were long-distance, and now we’re so excited in the same place and getting married! We were thinking of forgoing cinematography because of budget constraints, but it would be amazing if we could have videos of the wedding! Thank you for the opportunity!

Hi Miriam, congratulations on your engagement! Our packages are surprisingly affordable, and we may have something that fits your budget. Let’s set up a time to chat about your options!

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