What Will I Miss if I Only Hire One Videographer?

You may be looking at wedding cinematography packages and wondering, “What is the point of hiring two wedding videographers?” It’s the same reason you’re considering hiring two photographers—you’ll get more coverage out of it and there’s less of a chance that a moment will get missed. Here are the top five reasons you should hire two cinematographers for your wedding.

  1. Morning Prep

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The things that happen while you’re getting ready in the morning are surprisingly some of the best moments to look back on. While it may seem trivial to capture, there are a few key things that happen during this time that make for great memories to relive.

All of your very best friends are finally in one room together! How often does that happen!? You’re having a major primp session, almost like you’re going out to party together so there’s lots of funny girl talk going on.

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The ladies of the family are usually hanging around too so it’s a great time to capture multiple generations together. When you look back, you’ll love to see how you share mannerisms, facial expressions and laughs.

With only one cinematographer at your wedding, you’ll either have to skip prep coverage due to time constraints, or forfeit prep for you or your fiancé since one person can only be in one place at one time.


2. Grand Exit

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The grand exit has made its comeback into the wedding world and makes for a truly iconic moment. Whether it’s done with sparklers glittering up the dark evening or wish lanterns to get the whole wedding involved, it’s an incredibly happy moment for you, your spouse and all of your friends that deserves to be preserved in film.

Limited coverage time with one shooter may cause these moments to get missed.


3. Reaction Shots

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What good is an emotional reading during a wedding ceremony if you don’t get to see the father of the bride wipe away a tear? This is just one of the many moments that happen in weddings when the benefit of having two videographers is clear.

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With two cinematographers, you get to see the bride excited to show off her dress and the groom’s face when he sees her for the first time. You get to see the best man tell a silly story, the bride laugh while the groom hangs his head in embarrassment. You get to see the couple hold their hands up high as they are announced Mr. and Mrs. and see the crowd cheer in delight.


4. Details

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If you’ve watched a few of our films, you’ve probably noticed that films with multiple shooters have more detail shots of rings, invitations, shoes, cufflinks, bowties and all of the other small details that you’re spending money on to personalize your wedding.

The reason is due to the amount of time the cinematographer has to capture these additional things but also because he must prioritize and choose to shoot the most important thing that is happening at any given moment. During the ceremony, the cinematographer can’t focus on anything else besides you and your soon-to-be spouse at the altar. He can’t be anywhere else in that moment and neither can the camera lens. There are lots of similar moments throughout the day when the lens must be on the couple.


5. Artistic Shots

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Did you fall in love with our films because of the beautiful, movie-like movement of the camera as it glides around the bride and groom during a kiss? Those sweeping shots require extra equipment to make the movements steady. The steadiness, lens choice and years of practice are what make those moments look like a professional movie.

For a cinematographer to prep himself for shooting the perfect shot, he must have another cinematographer shooting so they don’t miss anything important while he sets up for photo session.


Our Standard, Premium and Complete Collections include two cinematographers. If you have more questions about the benefits of two cinematographers, set up an appointment with one of our wedding consultants.



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