The Groom’s Guide to Wedding Cinematography

We’ve been hearing that a lot of grooms are putting the kibosh on their fiancé’s dreams of having a beautiful wedding film. So we set out on a mission to find out why. Here’s what one groom had to say:

My wife seemed to think wedding cinematography was very important. I wasn’t totally against it but I did sort of feel like it might not be necessary and kind of a pain. After going through the experience though, I realize it wasn’t a big deal at all. Here are some of the things I was concerned about.

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1. The cinematographer won’t bother you or keep you from having a good time.

They’re not in your face and they kind of just do their own thing. Our cinematographers were nice from what I remember, but I don’t even really remember what they looked like because they were doing their job and also because I was super busy hanging out with my groomsmen, saying hello to guests, dancing and, well, getting married. You can enjoy yourself, party and still remember your wedding because you’ll have the film to look back on.

2. It’s not going to take up any extra time.

For some reason, I thought that on top of the time that it would take for any photos, video would be extra time. Turns out, the photographers and videographers all work at the same time so that means less time for you sweating in the sun in a three-piece suit.

3. Let’s face it. Why are we here and spending this kind of money?

Your wife (or husband) is going to look back at this, watch her wedding video a hundred times and be so happy that she has it. You’re going to spend all of this money and then not going to look back on it? Do it for her, do it for you, do it for your parents and do it for your kids.

I have a different perspective now and I think everyone who wants a wedding film should definitely get one. If your fiancé is really giving you a hard time, you should show him this and have him ask some of his buddies who had a cinematographer and their wedding. Whatever his concerns are, it might help him to hear it from a guy who’s done it before.

Check out this groom’s film below to get a gilmpse of the final product the couple received after their laid-back beach wedding day.


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Love love love this video!!

A wedding video is the BEST idea! Glad to see the misconceptions handled so eloquently.

Awesome post!

I love that you do giveaways, as videography is so important, and often a big chunk of a couple’s budget. I would love to have you at my wedding, regardless if I win the giveaway or not. I can see how you beautifully capture the special moments and emotions, creating a memory for people to look back on forever. Very nicely done!

This would be an amazing opportunity!

The groom made good points here. It is so important to have a video of your big day! Thankfully me and my fiancé are on the same page when it comes to videography and photography. Since we’re both artists it is very important to us. The video of this groom is wonderful and we would be so lucky to have an NST experience!

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