NST Pictures: What is Custom Aerial Drone Coverage?

Custom Aerial Drone Coverage

Offering that coveted “bird’s eye view,” a remote-control-operated camera flies between buildings, around landmarks and above trees.

Length: 3 consecutive hours
Package: available to add on to any of our collections
Delivery: Footage is incorporated into the wedding films

Just like the opening scenes of Hollywood movies, aerial drone footage is a video from above that is captured by a remote-control-operated camera. Customized just for your wedding, our aerial drone add-on offers three consecutive hours of coverage by an FAA-licensed operator, subject to FAA’s airspace regulations. Because our drone operator is a different person from the cinematographer who gets all of your shots on the ground, you won’t have to worry about choosing between shots above the venue and ceremony shots.

Stock Aerial Drone Footage

Still offering that coveted “bird’s eye view,” stock aerial drone footage comprises of existing clips pulled from our vast archives. 

Package: included in our Complete and Premium Collections; available to add on to our Basic Collection
Delivery: Footage to be incorporated into the wedding films

Love the look but don’t have the budget? You’re in luck! Instead of a custom aerial drone coverage with an FAA-licensed operator, you can now add stock aerial drone to your package instead. After five years of filming weddings across the US, we now have an archive of many landmarks, nature shots and sunsets that we can pull and embed into your film for that same elevated look a custom aerial drone coverage provides. By adding this stock footage to your wedding video, you’ll get the look of a super high-budget film without the heavier price tag.

As with all of our products, we certify and manage all of our cinematographers and editors to ensure that every one of our films is created in the same, consistent style and lives up to both our company’s and couples’ standards. All of our films and add-on offerings are handled with artistic talent, resulting in a final product that we’re proud of and that you will love.

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