NST Pictures: What is the Director’s Team Upgrade?

The Director’s Team Upgrade

All of our local cinematographers and in-house editors are hand-picked and nurtured by our creative director to bring you the best service and gorgeous films, no matter where you’re getting married.

Add this upgrade on to any of our packages to put your wedding day and wedding films directly in the brilliant, coveted hands of our very own creative director herself, Daniella Sansotta.

With over 13 years of studying and working in video, Daniella has helped hundreds of couples get the wedding films of their dreams, either by way of her own creation or by mentoring and managing our talented teams.

This option can be added on to any Collection in any location throughout the world, as long as the creative director is available for your wedding date.

The coverage you’ll receive

  • NST’s Creative Director personally films your wedding, along with her second cinematographer
  • A pre-rehearsal dinner shoot
  • Rehearsal dinner coverage
  • NST’s Creative Director personally edits your wedding films

Clients will be responsible for travel between New York City and the wedding venue and full accommodations for the creative director and her second cinematographer.

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