Share Your Wedding Video With The Perfect Wedding Hashtag

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There is no doubt that weddings are the perfect way to celebrate your love story, and having a wedding video is an incredible way to document and preserve it. And this year, weddings are even more about creating experiences and lifelong memories than ever before. Having a wedding video is quite possibly the best way to capture all the raw emotions and wedding experiences. 

Imagine a movie night with a glass of wine (or your favorite beverage), your spouse, candlelight, and your wedding movie sounds like a great date night, right? And since you’re probably shelling out a small fortune on it, you’ll want to know the easiest way to share it with your family and friends. We’ve got you covered! A unique wedding hashtag is the easiest and trendiest way to share your wedding video.



Here are some reasons why you should share your wedding video on social media.

Allows Your Guests to Easily Access and Save the Video

The people that love you the most will totally love to see your wedding video. So rather than emailing the footage out (which could get lost in the sea of daily emails or worse, you could forget someone), publishing the video of your wedding on social media accounts provides easy access to it. And your guests can choose if they want to watch it once, never, or a million times on their own schedule. 

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Share With Your Followers Who Couldn’t Attend Your Special Day

In these crazy times, we are in right now, with the Coronavirus lingering around, there is a good chance that some of your most beloved will not be able to make it to your event. Not only that, but there is no way you can have an unlimited guest list. So, unfortunately, there are some of your friends and family that just won’t make the cut. Allow them to still experience your wedding day by watching the video. 

Easy Access

Our modern culture is all about convenience, so having your wedding video on your social media allows you to access it easily. Your wedding videographer may provide your video on a disc or digitally, but isn’t it easier to just jump on Instagram or Facebook to watch it? And it also makes it super easy to show friends that you meet up with, coworkers, and even new friends you meet. 

The Perfect Hashtag for Your Wedding Video

Now that you know why you may want to share your video, here’s how to do it. One of the hottest trends that recently took over the wedding industry are wedding hashtags. And it is by far the best way to share your wedding video.

Benefits of getting a wedding hashtag 

What exactly is a wedding hashtag? Simply put, it is a personal and unique hashtag that allows all of your photos and videos to be grouped together. It’s kind of like “group photography.” When you begin your wedding planning, you should create your own wedding hashtag and share it with everyone. Include it on your save-the-date cards, invitations, on your wedding website, and even at the wedding. Encourage your guests to “follow” your wedding hashtag and use it in any photos they capture and share on social media. 

Your wedding hashtag can also serve as a slogan for your wedding and even for your entire love story. It can become part of your decor and be used in the future to announce other milestones such as anniversaries, babies, new houses. It’s kind of your personal tagline for your adventure through married life. 


How to Find The Perfect Wedding Hashtag for Your Wedding Video 

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding hashtag for your story, you gotta get creative. You will want a wedding hashtag that is easy to remember, is catchy, and fits your personality and journey. If you or your Boo are the creative types or witty, you may be able to create your own. But if there isn’t a creative bone in either of you, you need help, and that’s’ where we come in. 

Use A Wedding Hashtag Service

If you want a wedding hashtag that is catchy, witty, playful, and downright funny, using a wedding hashtag service is best! Wedding Hashers, has a team of professional writers that can quickly develop a wedding hashtag that you will love. And the process is super simple!

Depending on the type of wedding hashtag that you want (funny, punny, simple, classic, etc.), the Wedding Hashers team will create a hashtag you will love! They use your names and other details such as where you met your favorite pastime and even the wedding location to generate a wedding hashtag that is unique to you. Why is this important? If you create a hashtag for your wedding that is common, your group photos will get mixed with other couples that use the same hashtag. And you don’t want that!

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How do we do it? Our team starts with your names and then incorporates some rhyming and general wordplay. The more info you share about yourself and the wedding, the more customized we can make them! All you have to do is fill out your deets on a simple online form, and we will write some excellent wedding hashtags!  And turnaround time is typically one business day. 

What are some benefits of using a wedding hashtag generator service like Wedding Hashers?

  1. You will have a 100% unique hashtag for your wedding
  2. It is completely personalized to your love story
  3. No name is too difficult
  4. 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you don’t like the first ones, we’ll make more

The only con to using this service is that it is more expensive than creating your own or using a free service. 

Here are some examples of our couple’s wedding hashtags. 

  • #loveathurstsight
  • #marryChrismas
  • #doubledoeutsch
  • #JamaicanmeaWallace (one of our favs)

Ready to give it a whirl? Click here to get started generating your unique and punny wedding hashtag!

Free Wedding Hashtag Generators

Of course, there are also many online hashtag generators that are free to use. These are super simple to use. You just enter your full names and indicate the last name you’re going to use, and click get my hashtags. Voila! You have multiple wedding hashtags to choose from in seconds. 

The benefit of using a free hashtag service is just that -it’s FREE! And everyone loves free stuff. 

But the biggest con may prove to be too important to you – free wedding hashtags are very common and will most likely be used by other couples. This means when someone searches your hashtags, they will see your photos and other couple’s photos mixed together instead of a unique hashtag that only displays your images. If you want a unique and personalized hashtag for your event, splurge a couple of dollars to get one customized. Trust us; it’s worth it!

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Create your own

Of course, you can always create your own hashtag to go with your wedding video. Some easy tips for creating a hashtag for your wedding are; 

  1. Use your names (first or last or both)
  2. Possibly incorporate hobbies or interests – if it works with your names.
  3. Consider what type of couple you are – romantic, funny, quirky, punny, classic, etc.
  4. Add in your catchphrase (if you have one)

If you are unsure of what type of hashtag works best for you, use our wedding hashtag quiz

The pros for creating your own hashtag are it’s free, and it’s fun for you and your partner to play with words to generate the best hashtag or slogan for your wedding. And the key to having a great wedding hashtag is to create a catchy one.

You should also understand that there are some cons to creating your own hashtag. It can be time-consuming, and you may struggle to come up with an original, never used wedding hashtag unless you’re a wordsmith, of course. 

Personalize Your Wedding Experience

As you begin planning your wedding, consider creating a customized wedding hashtag with Wedding Hashers. Doing so not only showcases your personalities and love, but it sets the tone for the “experience” that your guests are about to enjoy on your wedding day. Of course, it is not necessary, but it sure will make sharing your wedding video and photos with family, friends, and followers much easier. And don’t forget when your guests use your wedding hashtag, your wedding day is tied together as “group photography.” Click here to create your custom wedding hashtag today!



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