Five Things You Need to Know Before Your Videography Consultation

After you’ve fallen in love with our films and scanned through our package list, the next step is to schedule a phone, Skype or FaceTime appointment with one of our consultants.

Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your 20-minute cinematography consultation.

 1. This is a conversation; not a sales pitch.

Yes, during the appointment, the consultant will tell you about NST Pictures’ products, services, packages and pricing. But! This is really about YOUR day and what YOU want. We’ll talk about your day-of timeline and what is important to you two. Then we’ll suggest a package based on those details and our experience. As you chat, tell your consultant if her suggestions sound like they could work or if there’s something else that makes more sense. We’re not going to talk you into anything you don’t want or can’t afford—we’re here to help you understand our products, listen to your thoughts, give you expert advice and make this process easy on you!

 2. Be rational.

Set your expectations in a sensible place before you start talking about wedding videography. Video may be more or less important to you than photography, but it still takes the same amount of crew on the day-of, high-quality equipment and editing time so you can expect pricing to be similar for both vendors.

3. Know that you may have to compromise.

By this time, you’ve probably noticed that wedding planning is FULL of compromises, whether it’s an unavailable vendor or a friend picking the same wedding date. Know your top two wedding videography priorities before you talk to us—is it covering the day in its entirety? Is it seeing you two getting ready before it all happens? Is it getting footage of the guests getting down until the last song plays? Is it having a short highlight film? Is it having a longer, more comprehensive film? Is price the very bottom line? Figure this out and tell us so we can steer you toward the package that makes the most sense.

wedding consultation - Five Things You Need to Know Before Your Videography Consultation

 4. If you’re ready to book, say so!

Wedding dates book up very quickly, especially if you’re getting married in the summer or fall. If you’re ready to book at the end of the conversation, ask your consultant for a contract. Bottom line: If you love it and the price seems right, don’t hesitate. If you wait too long, your date could get booked by someone else.

 5. Be thorough when shopping around.

The biggest mistake we see is couples who shop around TOO much. They get confused with which company offered what or worse, compare pricing on products or services that are not of equal value. If you have any questions on why another company has more or less expensive packages and how they differ from us, ask us. We are experts and this if your first time so let us help you!

Don’t leave your wedding memories up to chance! If you’re ready to set up a phone consultation, choose a time to speak with a wedding consultant on our appointment calendar here! A consultation is the best way to find out which of our packages will fit best for your wedding day!


This is awesome! We hope to win so we will be able to show my children and grandchildren (to come) the video of our wedding! Pictures are great but a video will definitely be worthwhile in helping “relive” the best day of our lives. Our wedding will be held on July 17, 2015 in New Jersey! Thanks again for this great opportunity!

A marriage lasts a lifetime…and so does your wedding video. <3

Would love to have you as our videographer!

Thanks for the advice, it’s really helped me figure out what I want for my wedding

I am absolutely in love with these videos. I have been researching lots of photographers but none compare.

I love “this is a conversation not a sales pitch.” That’s a detail I believe so many people forget during the wedding planning process. I would love to win this giveaway for my friends wedding in October 2019. They often refer back to videos to watch and relive memories but have decided to not look at any videographers because there aren’t any locally whose cinematography suit the style of their wedding. This would be an amazing gift to them.

Actually, we’re nationwide so if they like us, we could be there! Thanks for reaching out!

Love your videos!

We would love to have you be our videographer and think wedding videos are so meaningful and one the best things to look back on years to come.



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