NST Pictures: What is a Feature Film?

Wedding Feature Film

A 15, 25 or 35-minute cinematic film that’s set to music and includes extensive audio from the ceremony and/or reception.

Editing style: may or may not be chronological; cinematic like a movie
Audio: music and parts of dialogue
Length: available in 15, 25, or 35-minute lengths (see below for examples!)
Package: Available to add on to any of our base packages
Delivery: Hosted online with a downloadable/shareable digital link

Our Feature Films are similar in style to our Trailer Films, but they are a longer, cinematic and more detailed film of your day set to a score of music developed by our editors and overseen by our music supervisor. Feature Films go beyond the highlights and include extensive audio from the ceremony, reception and supporting details. Like our Trailer Films, each Wedding Feature Film may vary slightly from client to client depending on some factors:

  • Different coverage hours
  • Different lengths (you can choose from a 15, 25, or 35-minute Feature Film)
  • Each wedding’s unique style

15-minute Feature Film

25-minute Feature Film

35-minute Feature Film

We certify and manage all of our cinematographers to make sure that every one of our shoots and films is created in the same, consistent style and lives up to our company’s and brides’ standards. Each Feature Film is handled with artistic talent, resulting in a final product that we’re proud of and that you will love.

Do you love the cinematic style of our Feature Films but looking for something with a little more raw footage? Read about our Spotlight Edits! Have questions, or ready to get started? Click here!

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