The First Steps of Booking a Wedding Videographer

You’re engaged – congratulations!! Now you’re busy planning for the big day, and after a ton of research, you’ve found us and decided NST Pictures might be a contender as your wedding videographer. Hooray for making some progress in the wedding planning process! But now what? Keep on reading for the first steps in hiring NST Pictures for your wedding!

Step 1: Go to our homepage, scroll down and click on “Get Started.”

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Step 2: You’ll end up here, as shown below. Type in all of your information so we can send you accurate information about our availability on your date in your location!

NST Pictures Wedding Videographer Booking Process 2

Step 3: Check your email! You’ll first receive an automated email from us with pricing information, so you’ll have that in front of you immediately to look at, even if it’s 1 in the morning and only the crickets are awake.

NST Pictures Wedding Videographer Booking Process 55

Step 4: Wait for a second email from one of our consultants confirming if we have your date available in your location. If we’re available, it’s time to set the date…with your consultant, that is! Click on the link in the email to schedule a phone, FaceTime or Skype appointment so that we can give you a call to move forward with the booking process.

NST Pictures Booking Process 2

Step 5: You’ll find yourself looking at this page, as shown below! Select the date, time of day, and time slot that works best for you, then scroll all the way down and click ‘Confirm!’

NST Pictures Booking Process 1

Step 6: Get ready for your call with your consultant! This post offers great tips on preparing for your consultation phone call. You will also receive an email with a pre-consultation questionnaire, as shown below, which you can fill out as it will help the consultant better understand your wedding vision before chatting with you!

NST Pictures Wedding Videographer Booking Process 3

*Remember, it’s definitely best to have your timeline, event priorities (prep, sparkler send-off, etc) in front of you during the call so you can give your consultant all the necessary information! We would hate to miss out on capturing any extra-special moments!*

Step 7: Call time! If the call ends with you and the consultant agreeing on the perfect package, ask the consultant to send you a contract via email. Hooray – you’re ready to officially book NST Pictures as your wedding cinematographer! Continue onto this post for the next steps!

NST Pictures Wedding Videographer Booking Process 4


Scenario: The call ends with you on the fence with a big decision to ponder about. Maybe you’re debating between two flex options that the consultant suggested and you aren’t ready to commit to a contract yet. Maybe you’re not sure just yet if you want prep covered, or you can’t decide if having multiple cinematographers or additional coverage time is more important. Maybe you just need some time to shuffle budget around. Don’t worry – we’ll be happy to work with you as you figure out what you want, but in the meantime, check out these articles that may help you make a decision on wedding videography:

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Ready to get started? Click here to get availability and pricing now!

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