Meet the Team – Jennifer Thompson

From the first time you watch an NST Pictures wedding film to the day you receive your final products, the dedicated team at NST is working hard to make every step of your journey into marital bliss easy and fun! Get to know the passionate people who are helping to make your dreams come true.

Jennifer Thompson

US Headquarters Director

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How did you make your way to working at NST Pictures?

I always wanted to live in NYC, and one day I had made a declaration to find a new job and apartment in the city. I was then working at a photography and event studio and had recently become completely obsessed with the concept and creativity of wedding cinematography after helping my sister with her wedding planning, so when I happened upon NST Pictures in my declared job search, it felt like fate. It was an opportunity I felt so sure about that I even interviewed on Christmas Eve! Sure enough, I got the call to join the team the Monday after Christmas!

Why did you choose the wedding industry?

I completely fell in love with weddings! A simple part-time catering job while at FIT studying fashion shifted my life. It felt very natural almost effortless in a way. Working at Oheka Castle is where I quickly realized I had an innate understanding of how to operate and manage the wedding process. Eventually, after graduating from FIT, my focus turned from fashion to weddings, and I haven’t looked back, I enjoy every part of it and find the process exhilarating.

What do you like about working at NST Pictures?

Our comradery for sure. I love that we can all have a good laugh together and find the same things funny or silly (magical memes from the internet are always involved). Everyone, regardless of what department, is always up to help with special projects or events. There is a true balance of getting the job done but also caring about each other beyond the job.

What is your favorite part of your job as NST’s HQ Director and as a wedding consultant?

Working with my team! Since our clients are at different stages with us; I get to work with all departments on each step, whether it’s getting deadlines for final deliverables to checking in with the newest promotions to doing final confirmations with the weekend’s wedding videographers. Getting to work with everyone on tasks, as well as brainstorming and evolving, makes my days go by rather quickly!

You’ve coordinated hundreds of weddings (literally!) so what wedding videography advice do you have for couples?

Know your timeline. Getting a sense of the big picture really helps take the guessing game out of wedding planning. It allows you to be more decisive when locking wedding videographer services in, which ultimately saves you on time and money!

Outside of NST, what other artistic passions do you pursue?

I love interior design so I am constantly updating my apartment with new accessories, art, and décor. I am also an amateur photographer for my dog Tonka’s Instagram page (lol), follow him @tonka__thebulldog.

You’re more than just a wedding expert though, so to get to know you better, tell us about your ideal day off of work!

My ideal day off is when I head upstate NY, nothing like the calmness of nature to reset your mind and soul. Plus, my dog gets to be free just to run and run and run. Needless to say, we both have a solid night’s rest.


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