How to Download Your Spotlight Edit or Documentary Edit

Once you’ve received the link to your Spotlight Edit or Documentary Edit of your wedding video, it’s time to download it for offline viewing and storing! Once you’ve saved it to your computer, you can share it, make your own copies or save it on other devices to archive it for safe keeping.

Step 1: Open the email from NST Pictures with the Documentary Edit or Spotlight Edit link. Click the link to go to Dropbox.
How do I download my documentary edit NST PicturesStep 2. Click the “Download” button.

Don’t try to play the edit from this webpage–it will only show a preview of the full piece. Be sure to follow the rest of the steps below so you can watch the complete Documentary Edit or Spotlight Edit.

Directions to download your wedding filmStep 3. If you are on a Mac, the file will automatically start downloading into your “Downloads” folder. If you are on a PC, you can choose the location before the download begins.

Please be patient. The file is large so this could take a few minutes. You can get an estimate of the remaining time on the “Downloads” status bar.

Help! I don’t have enough disk space!

If you get an error message because you don’t have enough space on your computer, you will need to download directly to a USB drive or external hard drive. Either type of drive needs to be formatted for the file before the download process begins. To get directions on how to to format and download to your external drive, click here.

Wedding Videographer instructions for downloadingStep 4. Open the folder where you saved the file and look for your name.
How to download your wedding video from NST Pictures
Step 5. Double click to play to watch or make copies by duplicating the file!

We recommend saving an extra copy wedding footage to a backup USB or another computer, so that it will always be safe, even if your computer crashes or corrupts the file.

Trailer Film, Feature Film, Same Day Premier and Cinematic Montage digital files can be downloaded from a special link via Vimeo. Click here for instructions.

With all of our wedding video packages, your wedding film will be delivered through an HD digital film link, which provides an easy way for you to create your own DVDs, BluRays or USBs. If you’d like to order hard copies, contact us to add them to your package!

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