NST Pictures: What is a Cinematic Montage?

Cinematic Montage

An animated slideshow created from your photos that you can present to your guests on your wedding day.

Editing style: animated slideshow of photos
Audio: music only
Length: 4 – 6 minutes, depending on number of photos
Package: Available to add on to any of our packages
Delivery: Hosted on Vimeo with a downloadable/shareable digital link

Like our Same Day Premier films, a Cinematic Montage is perfect for you to showcase on the day of your wedding! It is a compilation of your favorite memories in photograph form seamlessly crafted together by our editors into an animated slideshow set to music that you and your guests will enjoy! It’s simple, really:

  • You: send us up to 50 photos from your childhood, engagement, wedding photos, and everything between that.
  • Us: create a Cinematic Montage in a beautiful, artistic style that lives up to our company’s and brides’ standards!

Love the photo aspect of a Cinematic Montage and dreaming of a movie poster that sums up your wedding day? We can help you out there too – learn more here!  Or, if you’re ready to get started, or have some questions, contact us today!

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