NST Pictures: What is Raw Footage?

Raw Footage from Your Wedding

A digital file folder of hundreds of separate video clip files that comes as unprocessed data straight from the video camera. 

Editing style: unedited
Audio: unsynced
Package: included in all packages
Delivery: delivered on a custom leather-bound USB for all of the collections except the Basic Collection, which it will be delivered digitally

Raw footage is unprocessed, unrefined data straight from the camera. The footage remains as it was captured, retaining all details, true colors, and lighting. Because we shoot with DSLR cameras, the raw footage results in a variety of clip duration, which can vary from a short amount of time to a long period of time and are not necessarily synced with the audio. Video editing software, a  strong computer, and experience are required to view such footage.

Since many of our clients do not own the computers and editing software needed to watch these files, we make a Spotlight Edit where we clean up the raw footage by cutting out camera adjustments or repetitive shots and edit it together so you can watch the most important parts of your day—your ceremony, dances and toasts—in full.

In the video below, watch as our Lead Editor walk you through accessing your raw footage files in the custom leather-bound USB that you would receive via USPS after your wedding.

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