NST Pictures: What is a Spotlight Edit?

Spotlight Edit

Raw footage of Ceremony, Dances & Toasts that has been edited down to remove duplicate shots and plays in chronological order set to natural audio.

(password: nst)

Editing style: traditional editing style, chronological order
Audio: unedited dialogue, no added music
Length: varies with coverage
Package: A Ceremony, Dances & Toasts Spotlight is included in the Standard Collection, while a Ceremony-Only Spotlight Edit is included in the Basic Collection
Delivery: Delivered to you via a digital download link

The spotlight edit is a chronological play back of your ceremony, dances and toasts. All footage shot in these three sequences is synced to the natural audio. No other stylistic editing has been applied to this edit. They are not edited in cinematic style like our  Trailer Films and Feature Films.

  • Ceremony, dances, and planned speeches are extracted from the raw footage and added to a timeline
  • Audio will be synced to the footage of these three components
  • Please note that our Spotlight Edits are not edited in the style of a cinematic movie. Rather, it is a straightforward playback of what was captured in these three sections, each of which will be separated and identified by an elegant title page.

Our Spotlight Edits are included in our Standard and Basic Collections, but please note that the Basic Collection only includes the Ceremony-Only Spotlight Edit. Please check your contract or call us to confirm what your package includes.

If you book a Basic Collection, you’ll receive a Ceremony-Only Spotlight Edit like this one below:

(password: nst)

Looking for something similar that encompasses the entirety of your day and not just the ceremony, dances, and toasts? Check out our Documentary Edit! Or, if you’re ready to get started, or have some questions, contact us today!

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