NST Pictures: What is the Complete Collection?

The Complete Collection

With a full day of coverage, we’ll be able to get the candid moments of getting ready to the last dance. An assistant/audio engineer will be there to pay close attention to lighting and sound details as your cinematographers capture your day from two angles. A cinematic photo montage is also included to show everyone your favorite photos from the past.

This package contains:

  • Up To 12 Hours Of Consecutive Hours Of Coverage
  • 2 NST Certified Cinematographers
  • Assistant/Audio Engineer
  • Cinematic Trailer Film (3-5 minutes)
  • Cinematic Feature Film (25 Minutes)
  • Spotlight Edit of Your Ceremony, Dances and Toasts
  • Raw Footage – all wedding day coverage
  • Cinematic Montage (75 Images)
  • HD Digital Film Link
  • Choice of 1 Format – DVD’s or BluRay’s or USB’s

Regardless of package, all of our cinematographers and editors are trained to create in the same style so that every product upholds consistent quality that is up to both our brides’ and our own standards.

Have questions, or ready to get started? Click here to begin, or explore our other package options below!

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